Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cory and Robin's Wedding 2010

Boone Wedding 2010

Robin and Cory started dating in 2003, after meeting at job where she was temping and he was interning. I met them in 2006, shortly after Kevin and I started dating.

Washington, DC 2006
Picture from when I met Robin for the first time, October 2006

Robin and Cory's wedding took place at the Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast in Virgina. The ceremony was outdoors on beautiful Saturday afternoon. The ceremony was very touching, and Kevin and I were both thrilled to participate in the wedding. Kevin was a groomsman, and the bride and groom had the significant others of the wedding party come down the aisle right before the wedding party came down the aisle. And I believe that our best friends' loved ones are our family too. So it's fitting.

0054_robin & cory wedding-177
Bridal party and spouses

0552_robin & cory wedding-816
Everyone, yay!

Everything was very personalized. Robin's sister designed the wedding invitations and the design on the wedding favor mugs. On top of that, she brought back lovely pashminas from Turkey for all the ladies. I have worn mine every day since the wedding. I chased around the server carrying cheese rangoon during the cocktail hour for seconds, and oh, fourths. I have seen photo booths at weddings before, but the booth attendants put copies of the photos directly in an scrap book and guests signed next to their photos. Best guestbook ever.

Lukas and Kevin gave beautiful and funny speeches at the reception.  (Sadly, Jinsoo did not give a speech.)  And I loved when Robin and Cory danced, Cory's parents danced, and Robin's parents danced all at the same time. Almost as beautiful as when Dancing Queen came on and all of the UVA men ran out to the dance floor and sang and danced together while the UVA Wives Club stood back and watched transfixed.

Congratulations Robin and Cory!


Sarah George said...

I've worn mine every day too!

Robin said...

Thank you, Ericka and Kevin, for being part of our day -- and our lives!

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