Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Law School Love Story 2005-2008 plus forever

This weekend I have the last wedding of six weddings this year.  They were all between May and October, and it's otherwise been a hectic summer, so it's been extremely tough.  But this last wedding is special because I got to watch the bride and groom meet, become friends, and finally fall in love.

Sarah and Donald met when they were randomly placed in the same section in law school. A "section" is a group of students who take a number of classes together first year.  And at UVA, sections are encouraged to help each other and compete against other sections.

Legal Research and Writing 2006
Our Law School Section B, Class of 2008, First Year 2005-2006

A few of us became particularly close (below in all the photos). But over the first summer, many people got internships all over the country, and four of us stayed in Charlottesville to work: Donald, Sarah, Josh, and me.  We spent a lot of time together going to restaurants, bars, playing games, and just watching television together.

Holiday Party 2006
Donald, Sarah, Josh, and me the following Christmas 2006

There were times when people saw something and said that they would be perfect together because they were both smart, had the same witty sense of humor, and had the same interests, but they were both also shy, so things remained friendly for another year.

Christmas Party 2006
Christmas 2006

We tended to hang out as a group. But things were getting a little friendlier between Donald and Sarah as evidenced by the photos.

Barristers 2007
Barristers Ball, February 2007

Donald's 24th Birthday 2007
Donald's 24th Birthday, February 2007

Libel Show 2007
Libel Show, April 2007

Visiting Relay for Life
Playing games outside, April 2007

SBA Office During Finals
Studying for finals, May 2007

But it wasn't until summer 2007, when Donald and Sarah were both in Northern Virginia, while the rest of us had jobs elsewhere, when Donald started upping the pressure. They hung out all the time, and Donald even started making nice with his future niece Rosie to get on Sarah's good side. Of course, I wasn't there for that part, but the pictures tell the whole story.

Hanging with Rosie
Donald, bribing Rosie with beer, summer 2007

But I was there the night the finally fell for each other. We were all at a party for our friend Sarah M's birthday and sparks flew.

Donald and Sarah
September 8, 2007

They've been inseparable ever since.

Donald and Sarah
Public Interest Law Association Semi-Formal, November 2007

And we couldn't be happier for them.  Wooo!

UVA Law Graduation 2008
Our law school friends at graduation, May 2008


Elizabeth said...

Love it! I'll see you Friday :)

Rosie and Isabel said...

Great story! I just read this now!

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