Monday, November 11, 2013

Ash Visits and Girls Night- Nov. 2013

Ash visited all weekend much to James's delight. He seems to remember who she is and fawns all over her. I spent the better part of Saturday afternoon watching James successfully boss Ash around, making her sit on the floor with him, do puzzles, feed him snacks, and generally entertain him. I told her she didn't have to do what he said-- but he's hard to resist and she seemed to enjoy it a bit.

Ash Visits- Nov. 2013
Evidence of the love affair between James and Ash

We got some quiet time during James's naptime which we spent binge watching a show we started watching together in 2008! We continued through Sunday. We might have a little problem.

Then Saturday evening Christina and Sarah joined us for a night of sushi, apple pie and ice cream, and trash-talking the Miss Universe contestants. It was a lot of fun.

Girls Night In- Nov. 2013
How cute are we all snuggled? Ash, me, Sarah, Christina

Maybe trash-talking the beauty contestants sounds a little harsh, and not the sort of values I should hope to instill in my future daughter. But I submit here evidence in my favor:

Miss USA's idea of our national costume. What?

Did you even try Canada? Or did you just recycle your Halloween costume?

What is this supposed to tell us about Belgium exactly?

I think Miss Universe is officially my favorite pageant.

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