Thursday, November 21, 2013

Three Years Since I Lost My Dad 2013

It's been three years since I lost my dad. I wasn't going to write anything because I've written a lot about losing my dad over the last three years, but I feel like I owe it to all of you I know who have lost someone in the last few years to tell you, it no longer feels like a crushing horror. I no longer feel the need to relive the worst moments. I'm not sure exactly when it started getting better, but it did.

My love for him didn't diminish. I didn't start to forget him. I still miss him. I still feel the protection of his love for me. It's just that three years have helped me push a lot of the pain away. Inch by inch, most of the pain is far away now. But not the good parts.

I don't expect it is exactly the same for other people. We are all different, with different losses, and different supports in our life. But maybe my experience can at least provide hope to those of you going through your own losses.

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