Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

Well, we're half-way through January already, so maybe it's time I got my resolutions in order. This is a lot of stuff but I'm hoping I'll be aided by the insanity of pregnancy "nesting."

  • Complete our wills, powers of attorney,  living wills, and healthcare powers of attorney.
  • Double check our Life Insurance now that we will have 2 kids.
  • Back up entire computer (and try to get Kevin to do the same).
  • Finish James's baby book
  • Take a picture every day of Itty Bitty's first year (because I did it for James)
  • Go for a walk 5-6 times a week after I'm recovered from Itty Bitty's birth until it gets too cold in Fall/Winter 
  • Finish dental work (ugh)
Would like to:
  • Read more (quality) books! My full reading to-do list for 2014 is on my books blog.
  • Cook more quality dinners. I actually started working on this in December, I'll write more about it soon.
  • Baptism- for both kids?
  • Learn Italian! Well, learn a little conversational stuff.
Bonus goals:
  • Learn to bake? Ah, scared of this one. 

Crazy picture of me from New Years Day- Cheers! 

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