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Review of 2012- Part 2

July 2012
Kevin and I went on our second big roadtrip of the summer, this time to the Northeast, to see our family and friends including: Kevin's mom, my grandmotherPete and Adrienne, Allison and Dan, Cate and Matt, and Casey and Victoria. We celebrated the Fourth of July on Cape Cod with family. Chrissy and Jason had their second baby Hailey.

Cape Elizabeth, ME 2012
The Clous at the Portland Lighthouse in Maine

Michele and I went to see Calle 13 at Celebrate Brooklyn! James turned 15 months old. Kevin and I got to go on a fun date night when my mother came to visit.  Lukas and Sarah came over to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics in London.  Kevin and I celebrated meeting each other 6 years ago by donating blood.

Everyone continued watching and complaining about the Summer Olympics. We went to DC, and went to Eastern Market and Yards Park with Cory, Robin, Jaime, stayed in with Janice and Roger. We went to Maryland to meet baby William T. I fulfilled a life dream when Michele and I went to The Colbert Report. We went to New Jersey to visit Nana, and had dinner with David and Melanie in Hoboken.

Ash had a super awesome, Happy Everything! party, a celebration of all holidays simultaneously. Katy and Luke got married in South Carolina! David and Jordan had their son Harry.

Happy Everything! 2012
Happy pirates, Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day!

The Pete and Adrienne celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. We celebrated Michele's birthday with a perfect picnic in Prospect Park. I actually spent a lot of time with Michele in September because I was getting sad that she was leaving New York at the end of October. Michele, Briggs, Kevin, and I went a Bon Iver concert in Radio City Music Hall.

We brought James to Manhattan for the first time on Labor Day. We also took James to the Queens County Farm so he could feed some sheep. James turned 17 months!

New York City 2012
The Clous in Times Square

Teresa and John's baby JJ was born. The Sowards celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. We spent a long weekend in Cape Cod with family and went to the beach, the pond, a playground, and even a local farm. Then Brooke and Marc got engaged in Los Angeles!

Katy and Luke celebrated their wedding with a reception in Nashville. We had so much fun going out in Nashville, and visiting with little guys Carter and William.

N-D Wedding Celebration 2012
Katy and Luke's reception in Nashville

We visited Chrissy's family in Ramsey and got to meet baby Hailey for the first time! We went to the the Apple Festival in the rain, and it was terrible. I think it would have been terrible even without rain. I was a little grouchy one morning and Kevin wrote, "Things My Wife Complains About #21: Seeking Her Best Interests."

Visiting the Vonderhaars
The Vondys and Clous

James had many visitors this month: Nana, Grandma, Michele, Janice, and Wendy! We went to the Stern's baby shower, and then out in Brooklyn for drinks and delicious burgers. When Janice came to visit we took James for a playdate with Hudson, Christina, and Dan.  James turned a year and half old!

Imagination Playground, NYC 2012
Janice and I are co-moms for the day

Michele left New York to move to Richmond and start a food co-op. To send her off we went to a show called Accomplice in the city, and then had a going-away happy hour. I missed her immediately.

Accomplice: New York 2012
Michele, me, and Ash in City Hall Park during Accomplice

Superstorm Sandy was devastating to the tri-state area. Over 100 people died in the United States and millions lost power for days. We lost power on the Monday of the storm, and we braved it at home without power Monday and TuesdayWednesday afternoon we drove up to Ash's house, where Ash's parents were also staying with her because they had lost power. It was Halloween so we dressed up James and let him run around. We didn't get power back until the following Sunday.

Halloween 2012
Tiger on the loose!

We started the month off still living at Ash's place because our power hadn't returned yet after Hurricane Sandy. It was good timing to spend Ash's birthday with her, and we celebrated with a spa visit and lots and lots of sushi. We finally got power back on the 4th, but we decided to stay through the day to spend more time with Ash, and we spent the day together at Pennington Farm.

Pennings Farm- November 2012
At the farm with Ash

We were home Monday with power and heat, but then the Nor'easter hit us on Wednesday, and we lost power and heat in the middle of the night. It was cold in our apartment without heat, so Thursday afternoon James and I went to stay with my mom. Of course, the power came back as soon as we got to my mom's. Kevin came to get us on Friday and I was home for a few hours before I left for Girls' Weekend on Saturday morning... which ironically Ash was hosting this year. Back to Ash's!

Girls' Weekend 2012
Janice, me, Laurie, Ash, and Megan

I reflected on my dad's passing on the 2-year anniversary.  Kevin, James, and I spent Thanksgiving with Kevin's family on Cape Cod.

Thanksgiving 2012
Thanksgiving in Cape Cod
We visited Andrew in Florida and went out in downtown Delray Beach, had a huge party with Andrew's friends, and went to a Patriots game in Miami.  When we got back, Jon and Becky had adorable baby Ben and we rushed over to meet him and spend as much time with him as possible.

Visiting Ben 2012
Jon, Becky, and Ben!

Lukas and Sarah came over to help us get in the Christmas spirit with cookies and glögg. We also celebrated 12-12-12 with a neighborhood Christmas lights walk. Michele took a little break from co-founding Richmond Food Cooperative and gave me the best Christmas present ever by visiting New York.

James turned 20 months old and was talking more and more.We spent Noche Buena and Christmas morning on Long Island with my mom, and some days after Christmas with Kevin's family in Cape Cod.

Christmas 2012
Christmas Eve at home

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