Monday, January 28, 2013

James at 21 Months 2013

I've already lost count of how many words James says, but it's in the neighborhood of 60-80 words. What's fun is that he's now stringing some words together. Last time we were on the Cape, he said,"kick ball" as he kicked the ball across the living room. Next, he started saying, "no, Dada," whenever he disapproved of something Kevin was doing.  Around the same time he started saying, "no touch," right before touching something he was not supposed to touch. When I say, "ow!" James comes over, pats my head and ruffles my hair and says, "sorry, Mama." Sometimes he even follows this up with a kiss or a hug. He also says, "please," and "thank you," to get what he wants from me. I'm a total sucker for his "please," which he pronounces "pleeth."

James- January 2013
Run down the hall in this super cute outfit from Grandma

He just had his well-baby appointment and he's doing great. He's 35.5" tall (above average), and he weighs 28 pounds (average). He's got all but two of his teeth in (2-year molars) and despite him constantly begging for milk the pediatrician says there will be no more "growth spurts," just regular slow and steady growth. Unfortunately the pediatrician didn't have a suggested plan for the 4 am wake-ups either.

James- January 2013
Milk makes him very happy

James- January 2013
He thinks he's building a train

James- January 2013
He loves his oversize legos

James- January 2013

Kathy Visits- January 2013
Self-portrait on grandma's phone

January 2013
Loves his veggies!

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