Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's in Floral Park 2012 --> 2013

Last year was our first New Years Eve as parents and we were still determined to party like rockstars. That was all fine and well, the problem came when our New Years Eve party disbanded during the dreaded 2.5 hour gap in the Long Island Railroad schedule. This meant we had to sit at Penn Station for 2.5 hours on possibly the worst night of the year to do so. The entire place was one long drunken bathroom line. We got home around 4 a.m. just about an hour before James usually woke up for the day. He woke up early that morning.

So this year, when I suggested doing it all over again (what?) Kevin suggested an alternate plan. His plan was this: nothing. Let's do nothing! We took James to the park in the afternoon, had an extravagant sushi takeout dinner which resulted in me being too full to even drink a little champagne, we watched old episodes of Homeland (los blancos amor Homeland-- y los Latinos tambien). So we had a nice little New Years Eve, but I'm gearing up to party like a rockstar again next year.

New Years Eve Day 2012
Trying to lure James in to my timer picture

New Years Eve Day 2012
Picture attack!

New Years Eve Day 2012
Back to the business of the playground

Happy New Year! May your year be full of good health, good cheer, and lots of hugs!

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