Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review of 2011- Part 1

This January went really quickly.  I think because Kevin's work scheduled increased dramatically with the beginning of his winter session and then his Spring semester, and James took more and more of my attention as he became mobile.  I thought it might be nice to look back on the previous year.

We spent New Years Eve in Northern Virginia. I was fairly pregnant at 24 weeks when other people could feel the baby kicking.  At 27 weeks,  I had my glucose test. There was tons of snow in December and January. I lost my grandmother who took care of me for years when I was little, just two months after losing my father.  My third trimester began, and I was having a lot of trouble sleeping.  My mother moved away from Ramsey after over 25 years.

It kept snowing in Long Island.  We got our first set of living room furniture that wasn't second-hand. I got a 3D sonogram of the baby.   We celebrated Kevin's 31st birthday at a Belgian restaurant in Manhattan.  We went out for Valentines Day in Long Island when I was a sexy 31 weeks huge.

I was very pregnant at 33 weeks - 36 weeks.  My family and friends threw me the greatest baby shower ever.  Kevin and I celebrated my 32nd birthday by going for cooked sushi, just the 2 and half of us.  Kevin made corned beef for me and his friends to celebrate St. Patricks Day. Over the course of the month, Kevin built all the furniture for the nursery.  The Shaws had their third daughter, Clara.

37 Weeks + 4 Days 2011
Super pregnant in March 2011
Game time! We finished the nursery, complete with a big whale on the wall.  My due date came and went. We went in for one last sonogram that convinced my doctors it was time to go ahead with the c-section. So off we went!  A few hours later, James was born! The two grandmas, Jon, Briggs, Chrissy and Jason visited us in the hospital. After a few days recovering in the hospital, they finally let us go home.

James at 2 Days Old 2011
Our little family in April 2011

James had his first Easter, and met his my grandmother Daysi, my brother David and his girlfriend Melanie.  James had his first doctor's appointment, Diary of an Angry Pink Baby (DAPB) was born, and we celebrated him being 1 week old. James went for his first walk around our neighborhood, and Roger came to meet James.

We named the prolonged periods of James crying for no reason "fussy time."  James met Lukas and Sarah. James left the state for the first time, when we went to my home state of New Jersey to  spend my first Mother's Day with my mother. Ash, Michele, and Rachel came to meet James. We took James to Kevin's home state of Massachusetts to meet Kevin's family and my friend Allison. James turned 1 month old, got his first bath, and started smiling. James met Janice and Darren, Donald and Sarah, and then a whole bunch of other people at his first Memorial Day.

Cape Cod- May 2011
James at 1 month

Kevin and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary by spending the day with James at a bird sanctuary.  James met his uncle Andrew. A group of us went to the Belmont Stakes together.  We resorted to humor to cope with James's continuing bad attitude. Kevin celebrated his first Father's Day.  James turned 2 months old, started cooing more, and started batting at objects. We got adventurous and took a Long Island field trip we soon regretted.

James at 2 Months 2011
James at 2 months

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