Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review of 2010- Part 1

In general, I think of 2010 as a bad year, but the truth is that things didn't get awful until the second half of the year. The beginning of the year, reviewed below, was full of happiness, hope, and promise still.

We still lived in Brooklyn, but we spent New Years Eve in upstate New York at Ash's place. My grandmother Catherine turned 90 years old.  Kevin and I went to a Bruins v. Rangers game and for a few weeks after that I thought I was a Bruins fan. There was a bomb scare near my job that resulted in me going for a lovely lunch away from the scene with Kevin. Cathy and Mike had a co-ed baby shower that involved a bar crawl around State College, Pennsylvania. Kevin made fun of me for getting lost in New York (TMWCA).  We went to go see the play "A View Under the Bridge" with Scarlett Johansson.

Steffan Baby Shower 2010
Kevin, me, and Cathy at Cathy's baby shower

I threw a huge multi-day party for Kevin's 30th birthday party and his brother and best friends flew in for the event.  Kevin and I celebrated Valentines day at the New York City Ballet.  We went to Baltimore to visit Kevin's cousin Katie and so that Kevin could give a reading at the Towson Arts Collective.  Allison and Dan got their dog Coco who is really their baby.  I dreamed that Kevin was mean to me, and held it against him (TMWCA).

Kevin's 30th Birthday 2010
"Professor theme" on Kevin's 30th birthday

I had a super fun 31st birthday in Manhattan's Chinatown with my college friends.  We had delicious cocktails at Apothéke and then even more delicious soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai. Kevin and I also went to the opera Attila on the actual day of my birthday. My dad and my mom visited us at our apartment in Brooklyn.  I met Chrissy's beautiful son Owen for the first time, but the visit was also sad because her mom was sick at the time, and it would be the last time I would see her. Michele and I went to a red carpet event and saw Jennifer Love Hewitt. Kevin and I took advantage of a conference he had in upstate New York to drive a little further up to Montréal, Canada 2010.

Meeting Owen 2010
Me meeting 3-month-old baby Owen

We took a fabulous vacation in Cartagena, and Kevin wrote about me being profiled by tourists in Colombia (TMWCA). On the way back to New York, we stopped and visited Kevin's brother Andrew in Florida.  My friend Cathy had her daughter Madison, and my friend Cate had her second daughter Vivienne. Kevin and I took my parents out to dinner for their 25th wedding anniversary, and it turned out to be the last time I'd ever get to go out with my dad.

Parents' 25th Anniversary 2010
My parents on their 25th Wedding Anniversary

Allison and Dan got engaged! My friends Chrissy and Cathy S. celebrated their first Mother's Day as mothers! I spent a lot of time working but got in some quality time with my friends in New York. Kevin went to three bachelor parties in the Spring for Cory, Lukas, and Jeff M.!

I took work lunch many blocks away when there was a "suspicious package" outside my job. Brian, Akua, Kevin, and I went to the Daily Show in New York. My mother's cousin Raiza and her spouse Millie had dinner with us in the city. Jon celebrated his 30th birthday with us at the Astoria Beer Garden. My law school friends, Kevin, and I flew to St. Louis for Jane and Rob's wedding.

Kevin and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary a week early by going to Niagara Falls for Memorial Day weekend.

Niagara Falls, Canada 2010
Me and Kevin in Niagara Falls

Aubree, Laura, Kim, and I went out all over New York to celebrate Aubree's bachelorette.  Kevin and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary for a second time (the first time was a week early in Niagara Falls) by going out for pizza at Grimaldi's and opening our wedding guestbook time capsule. A couple days later we moved from our Brooklyn one-bedroom apartment to the Long Island suburbs.

On the way to the Lukas and Sarah's wedding in Ash-Lawn Highland, we went to Luray Caverns and all over Charlottesville.  The wedding was on Father's Day, so I sent my last Father's Day card and called dad from Virginia. Trey visited us in New York for the fourth time in a year.  Kevin made fun of me for hating stairs (TMWCA). Donald found out he was accepted to clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia.

Our First Anniversary 2010
Our first wedding anniversary, June 2010

Read about the second half of 2010.

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