Friday, January 20, 2012

New Jersey Trip 2012

When we make the trip out to New Jersey with a daytime-travel-adverse James, we try to make the most of it by visiting both my mother and my grandmother. This makes for a long day, especially for Kevin who has a somewhat-limited ability to communicate with my grandmother in Spanish.  She cooks us delicious Cuban meals which is nice.  Then she demands we eat more no matter how much we've eaten for serving one.  We've learned to compensate by eating a very small amount, waiting until she inevitably demands we eat more, and then serving our second helpings only when she is watching. I've also found that taking leftovers helps to appease her. None of this is actually a hardship, since as I mentioned, she makes delicious Cuban food.

New Jersey- January 2012
With his Great-grandmother Daisy ("Abuelita" to me)

New Jersey- January 2012
With his Uncle David

Then we're off to my mother's, which should be a short drive away, but often takes us at least an hour because the highway exits are crazy and mislabeled on Google maps.  There's one basic rule at my mother's: James must come doused in lavender cologne. I almost always fail to put "enough" on him, but this time, I did it.  Nine months of trying, but I finally put enough cologne on him that my mother could properly enjoy sniffing him.  In my exuberance I also doused myself in it to create the illusion of their being more on the baby, but this went unnoticed.

New Jersey- January 2012
Scented snuggling with Nana

New Jersey- January 2012
Time to break stuff in the kitchen

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