Friday, January 13, 2012

Review of 2011- Part 2

Audra and Rob welcomed baby Carter,  Jamie and Emily got married, and James celebrated his first Fourth of July. I survived Kevin returning to work.  We went back to the Cape, and James went for his first dip in the water. James turned 3 months old, got better at grabbing things, rolled onto his side from his back.

Cape Cod- July 2011
James's first dip in the pond at almost 3 months
We took a little beach trip out to North Fork with the Sterns. James went back to New Jersey and back to Cape Cod. James got better at grabbing things. James turned 4 months, had his first stretch of sleeping for 5 hours, and started developing an interest in a few of his toys. We spent time with the Carter family on the Cape. In New York,we had an earthquake and a hurricane the same week.

Trey and Sunny welcomed baby Cort. Allison and Dan got married. James started eating food, rolling over from back to front, and sitting for a few seconds at a time, then he turned 5 months.  Just after 5 months he started rolling away.

James at 20 weeks + 6 days 2011
James sitting up for a few seconds (20 weeks + 6 days)

Megan and Ed visited New York shortly after Christina announced she was pregnant; Megan was not-so-secretly pregnant.  We took James to the Bronx Zoo! James started crawling on his belly, holding himself in a standing position, he turned 6 months old, and then we did the obligatory it's-October-visit-a-pumpkin-patch thing.  He had his first snow in October, which is another sign of the apocalypse after the earthquke and hurricane in August.  James made the cutest monkey ever on his first Halloween.

Halloween 2011
James on Halloween 2011

Kevin and I went to our first concert together in ages, the Jeff Mangum concert in Jersey City.  I threw a party in honor of 11-11-11, a date I'd had on my mind for 9 and half years. James turned 7 months, and just one day later he started sitting up on his own and crawling. James celebrated his first Thanksgiving with Kevin's family and even got to eat all of the sides.

Thanksgiving 2011
Thanksgiving 2011

We lost Kevin's grandfather George.  James got his first teeth in the bottom center of his mouth, started crawling all over the place, pulling up constantly, and trying to cruise right before he turned 8 months.  James celebrated his first Nochebuena with my mom here in Long Island, and his first Christmas with Kevin's family in Cape Cod.  We wrapped the year with a ton of holiday visitors: Jaime, Casey, Victoria, Laurel, Oliver, Uncle Andrew, and Chrissy, Jason, and Owen!

Santa James 2011
Santa James, 8 months old

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