Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Visitors 2011

Over the holidays, James had a lot of wonderful visitors who saw him in Massachusetts and New York. My friend Jaime came to meet him for the first time on the day after Christmas.

Cape Cod- December 2011
Jaime hits it off with James

Then on our way off the Cape, our friends Casey and Victoria and their kids Laurel and Oliver came out to meet us part way between their house and the Cape.  They weren't able to make their visit to New York in December because the kids got sick, so they finally got to meet James and James got to play with his hand-me-downs "big brother."  

Sowards 2011
Victoria and Laurel

Sowards 2011
Kevin, James, Oliver, and Casey (I think James is saying something.)

Andrew came home with us and visited for a few extra days.  He was pleased that James seemed to like him a little more after a couple of days of "getting used to" Andrew.

Andrew Visits 2011
James with his uncle Andrew

Then our friends Chrissy and Jason and their son Owen came from Ohio to visit their family and New Jersey and kindly came up from Jersey to see us too.  I've known Chrissy since we were 12 years old so I was super-excited to see Owen and James meet.  It was pretty cute to see, but the 18-month age gap is going to be tough to bridge for a while.  They were interested in the same toys so there's that.  It was wonderful to see so many great friends over the holidays.  
Vonderhaars Visit 2011
Vondy family visits

Vonderhaars Visit 2011
Hilarious interaction between Owen and James

Vonderhaars Visit 2011
Would have been fun to see this sneak peak of the future when we were in school

Have a happy New Year!

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