Wednesday, November 30, 2011

James is Crawling 2011!

In the last week, James learned to sit up on his own and crawl. He actually learned to do both on November 21st, my dad’s one year anniversary. I videotaped him sitting but I couldn’t capture the crawling. He kept working on the crawling while we were in the Cape for Thanksgiving, with much encouragement from Kevin’s family.

He’s been working on it more since we got home. He does better when the video camera is not on him, but here’s a clip of him crawling. After I recorded this he followed me from the living room to the bathroom. He doesn't like me out of his reach anymore. He’s gone from not wanting to be left alone, to not wanting to be left without me. Mind you, because of Kevin’s work schedule, Kevin spends about half of the day with him 5 days a week. Even the other two days he spends 1-2 hours with him. So there’s really no reason why he’s gotten so attached to me over him. Unless James has figured out that I’m a bigger pushover than his father.

James crawling (32 weeks)

James can also pull himself up to a standing position when he finds something low enough to the ground to pull up from. Usually this means that when I’m lying on the floor on my side, he crawls over to me and puts his hand on my legs and uses them to pull up. He balances precariously so I grab him when he pulls up. I’m not sure if he’ll be walking as quickly as everyone is predicting though. Now that he can crawl, he doesn’t demand that we hold him in a standing position as much.

James at 32 weeks 2011
James pulling up (32 weeks)

James at 32 weeks 2011
Bonus cuteness- His raised eyebrow says, "did you see that?"


Anonymous said...

He gets the eyebrow lift from me and I got it from my father : )

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