Friday, January 20, 2012

Watching the Patriots and Miss America 2012

About every other week, we have Kevin's friends over to watch sports.  This is nice for me, because on the weeks that they're not here, they're drinking beers in Brooklyn, and James and I miss out on the fun. James enjoys watching the sports a lot more than I do, though he dislikes sports-related-yelling a great deal. Anyway, James usually stays in the living room with his father and his friends and I sometimes make myself scarce until dinner-ordering time.  (I think now it might be clearer why I enjoy sports night at home.)

New Years Day 2012
Brady, Briggs, and James watching football here two weeks ago

Sometimes however, I actually participate in hosting, as was the case last weekend when Sarah and I amended Patriots-watching night to be followed up by the Miss America pageant.  The pageant was amazing, complete with crazy evening gowns, crazy "talents" (why-oh-why didn't they let us see Miss Hawaii's butt-bounce?), and craziest of all, the contestants' personal fears which included megalophobia. Of course, it is a sad that the largest scholarship organization for women has a bikini competition.

James at 38 weeks + 3 days 2012
Three Clous wearing their Patriots gear! (Patriots beat the Broncos 45-10)

James at 38 weeks + 3 days 2012
Lukas and Sarah snuggling with James

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