Thursday, November 1, 2012

Michele's Goodbye to NYC 2012

Before Superstorm Sandy, the worst thing that happened to New York this year was Michele leaving. In addition to trying to hang out with Michele as much as possible before she left (and becoming even more emotionally dependent on her than I already was) we decided to give her a big send off.  Her friend Kirsten lovingly and appropriately nicknamed it "Tears in our Beers."

Before we started drinking, we decided to do one last crazy thing in New York. Ash, Michele, and I participated in something called Accomplice New York, where you tour a part of the city in the guise of helping some mobsters commit a crime. You have to follow clues from one location to another, passing on messages and items to help the mobsters along. I was going to blog in great detail about it, but I decided that it might ruin it for anyone thinking of doing it. It was pretty fun, and we got along well with the tourists that were in our group. If you do it, I think I would recommend having a full group of 10 so that your group doesn't split up too much and you don't miss things.

Accomplice: New York 2012
Michele, me, and Ash in City Hall Park during Accomplice

One crazy thing about the fact that we did Accomplice on Saturday was that a lot of it took place in the South Street Seaport area, which was a Zone A flood zone, so there's been a lot of flood damage there since the Superstorm Sandy. Some restaurants and bars have had to be completely gutted because of the damage. Luckily, the bar we spent the most time in, Jeremy's Ale House, only had a little flood damage and is reported to be okay for the most part.

Accomplice: New York 2012
Our entire Accomplice team at Jeremy's Ale House in South Street Seaport

So then we went to Jadis wine bar in the Lower East Side to meet up with Michele's other NYC friends who wanted to come say goodbye. Things weren't sad, probably because everyone was in deep denial like me. Though there was some talk of getting back together for a support group when the reality of a Michele-less life sinks in. We all wore clever little name tags that said, "Goodbye. My name is ---."

Michele's Goodbye to NYC 2012
Enjoying good company at Jadis

Michele's Goodbye to NYC 2012
Michele and Yianice getting in some more snuggles

Michele's Goodbye to NYC 2012
Some of my favorite ladies: Rachel, Ash, Michele and me at Jadis

Michele's Goodbye to NYC 2012
Nina, Vinay, and Michele

Michele's Goodbye to NYC 2012
Cutest baby ever and she has more attitude than Harper Beckham

After some drinks at Jadis we took the party to Loreley Beer Garden, where we had huge German beers and delicious German food. Some craziness ensued.

Michele's Goodbye to NYC 2012
Yael watering Michele like a sexy plant?

Michele's Goodbye to NYC 2012
From now on, I always want to wear matching lipstick with my girlfriends.

People always ask how I met Michele. We both went to GW undergrad. Freshman year, almost everyone lived in the large Thurston dorm with a 1000 plus students. There was a smaller freshman dorm on the other side of campus, called Adams Hall (and then later called Lafayette) of about 160 students, where Megan, Christina, Michele and I all lived. I lived on the 8th floor, and I knew Megan and Christina who lived on the 4th and 3rd floor respectively. But because Michele was one extra floor away on the 2nd floor, I didn't really know her. This is very detailed, but I think about it sometimes because what if you just walked by one of your best friends in the whole world on a daily basis and just didn't know her? And kept not knowing her for 11 years even though you had a close friend in common? Super super sad.

Senior Year 2001
Rachel, Ash, Michele, and Janice in my dorm room when I didn't really know Michele

Even though I'm sure I met Michele and saw her countless times, I didn't really know her until I re-met her through Ash at Ash's 2008 Barn Party. I was a little jealous because she and Ash were so close and having so much fun. Luckily I got over it, and then we actually started hanging out about a month or so later. At first, we hung out mainly when Ash came to town, but eventually we were friends on our own, though we always still miss Ash when we're hanging out and she's not there. For the last 4 years, she's been there all the time, in good times and in bad. She's super fun, smart, and understanding. I basically feel bad for everyone who is not friends with her, especially for myself from 1997-2008.
Greenwich Village Bar Crawl 2008
Greenwich Village Bar Crawl, October 2008

Clover Club, Brooklyn 2008
Self-determined bar crawl in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, November 2008

Bachelorette Party 2009
At my bachelorette party in April 2009 (Shut up, my face is awesome.)

Clouther Welcome Party 2009
The night before my wedding, June 2009

Brooklyn 2009

I tried not to be too terribly sad when saying goodbye to Michele, because I plan on still seeing her as much as possible so I'm focusing on that. She officially drove a moving van out of New York City today, and now that it's super real I am having a little trouble coping. I can't hang out with Michele next weekend? And the weekend after that? No. No. Nooooooo.

I might have staged a protest outside her apartment, except that she is off to self-actualize in Richmond. She is starting a food co-op in Richmond, most likely with a clever name like Richmond Food Co-op. I'm not much of a risk-taker myself, but I can tell from the planning that she's put into this, from knowing her, and from hearing about the other people involved, that it will definitely be a huge success. Again, otherwise I would have chained myself to her moving van. Not. kidding.

Kevin's 30th Birthday 2010
Bonus picture of a super fun night in 2010.


Ash said...

I <3 this post, especially the part with your awesome face ;) I don't <3 Michele leaving, even though I'm super excited for her awesome venture ;)

michele L said...

i read this right before i went to bed last night after a super long day of driving and was way to tired and emotional (it made me cry in just the right way ;) to respond properly - but thank you for this sweet and thoughtful post, and the sweet and thoughtful day of awesome that it captures, and for your sweet and thoughtful friendship. i too am sad for the 11 years we missed out on but infinitly grateful for the rest of our lives friendship we eventually found!

michele L said...

oh and also, i lived on the 5th floor! we were closer than you even knew! ;)

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