Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pennings Farm and Market 2012

We'd been in Warwick for a bunch of days when we heard we got power back on Sunday afternoon.  I wasn't super eager to leave Ash immediately though, and Kevin doesn't work on Mondays, so it made sense to stay and spend more time together. We walked up and down the main street in Warwick, and then we had a little more time so we decided to go to Pennings Farm. Lately I've been really obsessed with taking James to farms, and I'd scoped out Pennings when we were in Warwick for New Years Day in 2010.

Pennings Farm- November 2012
At the Pennings Farm Petting Zoo

Pennings Farm- November 2012
As of this weekend, James can say, "Ash!"

James was only moderatly interested in the animals, and he was less interested in the animals than he was in Ash's cat, Harley.  In fact, he definitely called the goat, "cat."

Pennings Farm- November 2012
James thinks goats are just big cats.

Pennings Farm- November 2012
Riding the toddler train

Pennings Farm- November 2012
Peekaboo with Ash

The market itself is really nice, and you can buy fresh produce from the farm, or buy a warm meal or snack. We got sweet potato fries and pumpkin soup. There was also a bar inside the market with local beers and ciders. Kevin was particularly pleased that they had a television playing football. James was a little terror inside the market though and I had to chase him and repeatedly take tomatoes and traffic cones away from him.

Pennings Farm- November 2012
Okay, I stopped to take a picture one time.
That probably sends the wrong message, huh?

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Ash said...

In James' defense, I think you said cat first ;)

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