Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

Happy Halloween from our refugee outpost in Ash's house! I am a few posts behind because we haven't had power or heat at our place in Long Island since Monday. So we left. Since we are one of 2 million people without power right now, we don't expect that we'll be going home anytime soon.

I'll share more details later, but in the meanwhile, enjoy our little Halloween tiger. Last year he was a monkey, so I was looking stay on a zoo theme until he starts requesting his own costumes.

Halloween 2012
We found this tiger, and he says, "Rawr!"

Halloween 2012
Our generous benefactor, Ash, with a tiger.

Halloween 2012
Tiger on the run

Halloween 2012
Nana came by too! The Warwick area officially has 2.5 Cuban refugees.

We dressed him up a few times in advance of Halloween so his other grandmother and Michele both got to see him in costume.

Michele Visits- October 2012
Michele tickling tiger feet

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