Thursday, October 4, 2012

Visit with Carter and William B. 2012

I couldn't spend two posts on Nashville, without dedicating a little space to my favorite part, I got to see Carter and William B again! I opted to leave James at home with Kevin because of the difficulty of traveling with James, but I had two cute bouncy boys waiting for me when I arrived.

Carter is running around now! When I last saw Carter in May, he took his first step right in front of me! Like James, he's fascinated with going up and down steps. Actually all his interest and activities remind me very much of James. Except for Carter's excellence in sleeping and napping. James does not share that.

Nashville, TN 2012
Donald, William, Carter, and Audra at Katy and Luke's Welcome Party

William B. looks completely different. I haven't seen him since shortly after William was born in March. He's sitting up on his own and he gives me these adorable very serious looks. Considering who his parents are, he's probably going to be a genius. No pressure, little guy.

Nashville, TN 2012
Snuggling with William B.

I even got to meet a bonus baby! Emily brought her daughter Iris by to meet the Burke family.  Look at how cute she is! James will be sad he didn't get to meet her!

Nashville, TN 2012
Sarah, William, and Iris and her mom Emily

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Sarah B. said...

Love the pic with you and William!

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