Friday, October 26, 2012

Wendy Visits 2012

Wendy came over to visit us. Last time she saw James, he was just 6 months old and going through a "stranger-danger" phase where he would cry when introduced to new people or people he didn't remember. This time he blew her a kiss when she arrived.

As James was getting ready for his bath before bed, I realized that I hadn't gotten a photo of them together. Just then James ran out naked and sat down. I grabbed my camera (the batteries were dead- oh no!) and then the phone. I love everything about the photo we got. James looks scandalized that I'm taking a nude photo of him, and he looks like he purposely used the block to protect his modesty. Awesome.

Wendy Visits 2012
Best photo ever of James and Wendy

Afterwards we went to a yummy sushi dinner at my favorite local restaurant. We ate it Ash-and-Michele-style. That's where you share all the rolls, try each roll at the same time, rank all them, and then eat your favorites. We were slightly less methodical about it than Ash and Michele, but then we didn't even finish all the sushi, which Ash and Michele definitely would not approve. We had crazy philosophical conversations on the nature of happiness. Seriously. We don't have any answers, but here's another picture to contribute to your happiness.

Wendy Visits 2012
James dive-bomb-mooning Wendy

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