Monday, July 30, 2012

Nana Visits- July 2012

I think this photo captures the type of close relationship James and my mom have. What a lucky boy!

Nana Visits- July 2012
James and his Nana

This gave me and Kevin the opportunity to go out for date night. I really wanted to go to S'Mac a place in the East Village that just serves mac and cheese. We tried 3 different types:  Favorites: 4 Cheese, Manchego, and Parisienne. I liked the Parisienne and 4 Cheese the best, but I wouldn't get the Manchego again because it didn't actually taste like Manchego cheese and was a little flavorless. I definitely want to keep going back until I've tasted all of them. Afterwards we went to Tile Bar and met up with Briggs. So sort of less date-like but still really fun. Thanks for date night, Nana!

Date night!
On the train into Manhattan 

Favorites: Parisienne and 4 cheese. Weak: manchego.
Three skillets of mac n' cheese!

This just happened.
With Briggs at Tile Bar

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