Friday, July 13, 2012

Nomar and James- July 2012

Cape Cod- June 2012
James chasing Nomar

People occasionally ask us about Nomar. Sometimes they know him personally, sometimes they just remember we used to have a cat and no longer do. Kevin got Nomar as a kitten when he was living in Iowa.

Baby Nomar, I Mean Kitten 2002
Nomar at about 8 weeks old, May 2002

Nomar was Kevin's cat before I met them, and I've always had a complicated relationship with him because though I love some cats in particular, I am not much of a cat person in general. And Nomar is a tough cat. After a year or so of living together and taking adorable naps together, one day, completely unprovoked by me, Nomar decided to bite my EYE. Not cool, Nomes, not cool.

Blowing Through Nap Time 2008
Taking adorable naps together in Charlottesville in 2008

Still, he was the one who broke up with us when we moved to Brooklyn. The short version of events is that Nomar is an outdoor cat, and when we moved to Brooklyn he didn't like anything about it. He was miserable. At the same time, Kevin's mom was about to get a cat, so the solution was simple. Nomar especially loves the Cape because there are lots of cute baby creatures to torture and murder. I admit that despite his abusive tendencies towards me, I got teary-eyed when we left him at the Cape.

Moving to Brooklyn 2008
Nomar hating Brooklyn in 2008

Cape Cod Summer 2008
Nomar loving the Cape in 2008

We still visited him regularly on the Cape, but things got a little trickier when I got pregnant. I was concerned about getting toxoplasmosis from him, particularly because outdoor cats are more likely to have toxoplasmosis, and it's dangerous during pregnancy. I tried to keep my fears in check. After all, I had already lived with Nomar for several years in the past. But you can see from this picture, that it's not the same romance that it used to be.

Cape Cod 2010
Nomar taking a nap on me while I watch him suspiciously, 24 weeks pregnant, 2010

It was rough going for Nomar when James was born. On James's first visit to the Cape we didn't let him come in the house. That sounds mean, but need I remind you that he tried to eat my eye and likes to kill baby woodland creatures?

Cape Cod- May 2011
Sorry, Nomes, no killers allowed near our baby.

As James got older, little by little we let them inhabit the same space and get closer and closer.

Cape Cod- May 2011
James at 1 Month: no eye-contact with the cat, please.

Cape Cod- August 2011
James at 4 months: you can look but don't touch!

Cape Cod- November 2011
James at 7 months: Napping in the same room is allowed but not encouraged

Cape Cod- November 2011
No, no, no! (Also at 7 months)

James is 14 months now, and he can walk and talk, and even swat at my face like a champ.  So with much supervision, we've allowed him near Nomar.  This is bad mainly for Nomar. However, when we were out the other day, Nomar took a little scratch of James's leg.  Nomar, you're lucky I didn't witness that.  This is your one and only warning.  Consider yourself on notice, cat.

Cape Cod- June 2012
Learning to pet Nomar softly ("Suavecito, suavecito, suavecito.")

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