Friday, September 21, 2012

James at 17 Months 2012

James at 16 Months 2012
James standing in his shopping cart last week

 I love this age! James possesses some great toddler characteristics, but he's also still a little snuggly baby that lets me hold him a lot. He loves going outside, and he brings us his shoes and his hat so that we'll take him to the park.

Loving the park

His favorite things in the world are Mama, Dada, both his grandmothers, sticks, rocks, Blues Clues, climbing, running from diaper changes, playing with things that aren't toys, music and dancing, attempts at playing patty cake, and trying to make friends with other kids (sometimes unsuccessfully). He's super affectionate; I get several unsolicited hugs and kisses a day.

New York City 2012
Surprise hug!

He's trying to say new words, he understands a lot of simple instructions. In addition to some words he said last month... :
  1. "ight" = light /"loosh" = luz (Spanish for light) 
  2. Diego  
  3. Boos Coos = Blues Clues 
  4. "ow" = used to convey painless injuries, injustices, things that make him sad (he actually cries when he's hurt) 
  5. Mama 
  6. Dada 
  7. agua/aba = Spanish for water 
  8. tete = Spanish for pacifier
  9. "leche" Spanish for milk (rare)
  10. Click = the camera on Dora and Diego 
.... he now also says:
  1. hi / hello (he runs around waving like a Disney princess)
  2. ball
  3. jugo = Spanish for juice
  4. ojo = Spanish for eye, but he means juice when he says it
  5. car (pronounced with a Boston accent: cahh) 
  6. ayu = ayuda= help when he needs me to help him climb down from something
  7. up (rare)
He stopped saying:
  1. "ba pa" = back pack (from Diego) 
  2. arbol = Spanish for tree

I'm excited about what crazy and funny things he'll have to tell us once he can string together some thoughts.

James at 16 Months 2012
Learning to play basketball

Queens County Farm 2012
Loves riding on Dada's shoulders

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