Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pete and Adrienne's 5th Wedding Anniversary 2012

Happy 5th Anniversary to Pete and Adrienne! Kevin and Pete became good friends when they attended Iowa Writers' Workshop together. This is kind of a special anniversary to me because this is the first wedding Kevin and I attended as a couple. We road-tripped from Charlottesville to Chicago (12 hours each way!) to see them get married at the very cool Architectural Artifacts Building in Chicago.

Coco Wedding 2007
Adrienne and Pete right after they got married in 2007

They had a lovely ceremony with great nontraditional readings that inspired me and Kevin to find our own unique readings for our wedding. The had a cocktail hour on the roof, and the reception inside with all the student artwork on display in both places.  They had a super awesome wedding favor: pins of their faces. We all wore them during the reception and I'm pretty sure I still have mine somewhere.

Coco Wedding 2007
With some of Kevin's friends from grad school in 2007

Since their wedding they have had a beautiful daughter Leonore who will be two years old soon! They also moved, first to Michigan, and now to Massachusetts, so we hope to see a lot more of them than we have in the last couple of years.  Congratulations on five years of marriage!

Coco Family Visits 2012
Photo from when we saw them on the Cape in July

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