Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Visiting the McLeods with Janice 2012

Janice took what turned out to be a very long trip to visit us this weekend. We got to spend good quality time, and James loved having her here. He totally adores her.

As if making the long trip here weren't enough, she was excited to visit Christina and meet her baby Hudson for the first time. This required bravely going into Manhattan with James. I had only ventured in with James once before with Kevin's help, and that time we didn't even brave the subway, so I was very nervous, but with Janice's toddler-whispering skills we made it. She was kind of an amazing super-mom actually, carrying James or his stroller up subway steps, alternatively. She tried to dissuade me from using the elevator once because she felt like there were too many people waiting after us. (Is there a Nobel Peace Prize for subway-use? I'd like to nominate her.) When I went to check a subway map, I heard somebody call Janice James's mom.

Visiting McLeods- October 2012
Janice and James cozy together on the LIRR

Visiting McLeods- October 2012
Janice meets Hudson

The trip was well worth it to see Christina, Dan, and Hudson. Hudson is getting bigger and cuter every day! He's sitting on his own now, and I'm positively itching for him to start walking so he and James can chase each other around.

Visiting McLeods- October 2012
Hudson is sitting on his own

This wasn't James's first time meeting Hudson. I think their first introduction was at James's 1st birthday party but our main priority then was to keep them from interacting since Hudson was just 2 months old then. This time they were able to sit together, steal toys and juice from each other, and in one particularly cute scene, James insisted on helping Hudson bounce in his jumperoo. Hudson politely declined the assistance. He's all up on jumping on his own.

Visiting McLeods- October 2012
James and Hudson chewing on stuff together

Visiting McLeods- October 2012
I'm a pretty big fan of this little guy.

We're really adventurous, so after lunch we took the boys to the Imagination Playground in South Street Seaport. Discovering all the playgrounds in New York, has been a huge treat.

Imagination Playground, NYC 2012
Janice with James and his diaper bag... and I just have the camera. Hm.

Unfortunately at this playground, the blue foam building blocks area is really for older kids who can talk and cooperate, as I learned when James attempted to destroy some 6 year olds' foam castle and was almost pummeled to death with a foam noodle as punishment. Luckily there was a huge sand box area for little toddlers, so we moved over there.  James immediately grabbed a pail and shovel and got to work scooping. His beach visits this summer must have made an impression.

Imagination Playground, NYC 2012
Imagination playground! James was doing okay at first...

Imagination Playground, NYC 2012
Hudson knows how to stay out of trouble

Imagination Playground, NYC 2012
James is much happier in the sand box area, scooping up sand.

Thanks for an awesome visit, Janice, Christina, Dan, and Hudson! We can't wait to see all of you again!

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nabzmcleod said...

We had a great time! Hudson loved meeting Janice and being allowed/able to play with James.

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