Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Double Date with Lukas and Sarah 2013

Since my mom was in town she watched James at night so that we could go out. We met up with Lukas and Sarah in Queens for som Egyptian food at El Omda restaurant. One thing I especially love about New York is that we have all of the world's cuisine available, and lately I've been trying food I've never tried before.

Lukas and Sarah- June 2013
Lukas and Sarah arriving at the same exact time from different places!

Dinner was lovely but strange. Our drinks arrived after our salad, though I loved that my minty lemonade tasted like a mojito. The waitress flirted with us periodically and tried to guilt trip us when we refused dessert. We had really deep conversation culminating in our joint ululation that our generation is the first generation that is predicted to do worse than our parents's generation and we feel the pain. It doesn't help anything that we live in New York.

June 2013
Shadowy iPhone photo of Sarah and I at El Omda

June 2013
Lukas and Kevin, blocking my view of the TV singing competition The Voice in Arabic

Our dessert plan was actually to check out the selection at Omnia, which had the most appealing bakery display I have ever seen. Both of the men selected Key Lime from the gelato bar.  I picked out a chocolate chocolate chip cupcake, but by far the most creative and "New Yorky" dessert was the Rat Cake. We left it for another day.

June 2013
Rat Cake, we shall meet again.

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