Thursday, June 6, 2013

Perfect Wedding Moment 2009

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary! We will spend the better part of the day driving to the Cape, which is fairly typical for us in the summer, but this trip is to celebrate Kevin's grandmother Ruth's 90th birthday! How wonderful! We'll celebrate our anniversary tonight with lobster rolls and drinks by the water. I can't think of anything better really.

In the meantime, let me share one of my favorite wedding memories. We planned to take all our posed wedding photos before the ceremony so that we could attend our cocktail hour, but before the ceremony it was a little cloudy. The sun came out as I came down the aisle, so afterwards, our photographer suggested some more pictures on the beach with the wedding party. Eventually, the wedding party went back to the cocktail hour, and Kevin and I took a few more pictures. The whole world looked perfect around me. Kevin was beaming, the sun was shining, and the ocean and the beach were sublimely beautiful. It was a rare perfect moment where you really wouldn't change a thing even if you had years to think about it. And there are pictures of that moment.

You can see it here.

Kevin is an amazing husband. No one has ever loved me as well or as deeply as he has. I can be a real pain sometimes, and he is always patient but he also always pushes me to be my best self. I respect him more than anyone I've ever known because he is smart, hardworking, selfless, and generous. I would be hard-pressed to find a better person to ask for advice or to trust personally. It is really hard to express how much I love him, and even more than the day we got married because I know him that much better now, and I am that much more impressed with the person he is. I want to make him as happy as he makes me. Very. 

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