Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day 2013

We had a fun little Father's Day here. I let Kevin sleep in and made breakfast for the boys. Kevin was awoken by the fire alarm signalling that I was burning said breakfast. Such is life. It was still tasty. James got Kevin a Father's Day card and a t-shirt to commemorate their first trip together to Montauk in 2011. Then Kevin went off for a hike, and some much needed leisure and nature time. Someone on the trail, probably noting the look of blissful freedom on Kevin's face, wished him a Happy Father's Day. He was home early enough to enjoy a Red Sox game from start to finish, and we capped off the evening with Thai food and Mad Men. A very good day!

Father's Day 2013
Father's Day breakfast

Father's Day 2013
Stealing Dada's water

Thank you, Dada.

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