Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Isaac Turns Five 2013!

Isaac is one of my friend-babies that was born in the pre-blog era so he didn't have a post to celebrate his arrival in the world. I can't believe he's already turned 5! I still remember me and Kevin rushing over to meet him for the first time, and how awkward I felt holding a baby back then. He's had numerous celebrations this week with his school, his family, and even with some special sushi, but here's one more little guy. You're every bit as awesome as your mother says you are!

Dennis Family 2008
Isaac born!

Visiting the Dennis Family 2008
Meeting Isaac, August 2008

Dennis Family 2010
Meeting his sister Eleanor, 2010

Rachel's 30th Birthday 2010
Helping Rachel with her 30 birthday candles, 2010

James's 1st Birthday Party 2012
At James's first birthday, 2012

Bronx Zoo 2012
Family photo at the Bronx Zoo 2012

Bronx Zoo 2012
Close-up of Isaac 2012

It's been too long since I saw you last! For your birthday, maybe I can take some more cute photos of you and your family next time I see you.

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