Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Shout-out 2013

Happy Father's Day to Kevin! I don't even have to tell you all what a wonderful father Kevin is, because most of you have seen him in action yourselves. In fact, people often tell him what a great dad he is when I'm there. His work schedule allows him to be home a lot and James benefits from it greatly. Dada is always taking him to the park, reading him books, trying to interest him in the Red Sox, and changing countless diapers. All this while juggling me. Tough job!

Jones Beach- May 2013 
Kevin and James at Jones Beach

I always miss my dad on Father's Day. I see cards that would be perfect for him. I want to call him and say hi. I feel really lucky to have had him in my life and to have had him love me so much. I feel really grateful that he helped make me who I am. I also feel lucky that his example led me to expect someone as smart and  patient as my spouse. This year is a little less hard, not because time has weakened my love for him, but the opposite-- because year after year I see that the love he gave me has not disappeared or dissipated.

Happy first Father's Day to our friends John K, Jon S., and Jeff M! I hope you're being spoiled today. Here I will blantantly repost the photos from my Mother's Day Shout-out because it's easy.

Meeting JJ 2013
Teresa, JJ, and John

Visiting Ben 2012
Jon and Becky at home with Ben

2013 03 Michalowski
Inga, Silas, and Jeff

And more happy Father's Days to our friends who are veteran dads: Jim S (1 girl), Marc (1 girl), Ben C (2 boys), Mike S (3 girls), Matt L (2 girls), Casey (1 girl, 1 boy), Tim D (1 boy, 1 girl), Jason V (1 boy, and 1 girl), Mike S (2 girls), Pete C (1 girl), Rob P (1 boy), Trey (1 boy), Dan M (1 boy), Donald (1 boy), Ed T (1 boy), and Patrick P (1 girl). Happy first Father's Day as a dad to two children to Jason V!

On Mother's Day, I talked a little about what a hard time Chrissy is going through with her 3-year-old son Owen being treated for cancer. Well her husband Jason is also an amazing parent who has been doing everything he can to make his little boy as healthy as possible. They are all home from the hospital this weekend, and were able to throw Owen a little half-birthday party. How amazing is that? They've been at the hospital a lot over the last two months though and Jason is there day in and day out. More than that, he even shaved his head to make Owen feel good about losing his hair during chemo.

2013 05 27 Jason and Owen
Jason and Owen enjoying Memorial Day in Cincinnati

It's strange growing up. Now Father's Day isn't just about the amazing men who raised us, but it's also about the amazing men in our lives helping to raise our children. We love you and depend on you. It's even about our children themselves. (Isn't everything?)

In case you're curious: last year's Father's Day Shout-out.

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