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A Look Back: UVA Law 3L Year 2007-2008

To celebrate the five-year anniversary of my law school graduation today, I've been reviewing my three years at UVA Law. I already did my 1L year, and my 2L year, and this post is about my third year and graduation!

August 2007
I was in New York City for my summer associate position at a law firm. At the beginning of the month we got job offers for work after we graduated and we had a farewell party-- no dinner, just drinks. Recipe for disaster!  Before I left the city, my parents and I went out for dinner and drinks.  After that, we had several weeks to vacation in Charlottesville and Cape Cod. When we returned to Charlottesville for good, Donald and Roger had an apartment-warming party.

Get-together at Roger and Donald's 2007
Steph, Sarah, Donald, Jon at Roger and Donald's party

Get-together at Roger & Donald's
Roger making delicious drinks

Get-together at Roger & Donald's 2007
Rob, Audra, and Jackie

September 2007
Some of Sarah W's friends threw here a big 23rd birthday party. Sarah H. B. and Donald started secretly dating, but we figured it out almost right away, and pretended we didn't know. A bunch of us went to the UVA v. Duke football game, and then Kevin and I had a big cookout at our new place.  All the while, Sarah and Donald tried to act casual. Ha ha. And then, one of my favorite events of the year: Fall Foxfield!

McCracken's 23rd Birthday 2007
Sarah W's 23rd birthday party

Fall Foxfield 2007
Fall Foxfield 2007

October 2007
Donald and Sarah had now been secretly dating a whole month and the rest of us were still pretending we didn't know. Really! My parents visited me and Kevin at our new apartment. Brian and I went to a Maroon5 concert. A bunch of us went to the 3L Bonfire to celebrate our last year at law school.  We roasted marshmallows, and somehow Brian ended up going for a swim.

Charlottesville's Downtown Mall 2007
My parents on the Downtown Mall 2007

3L Bonfire 2007
3L Bonfire 2007

November 2007
Brian, Roger, Katy, and I went to the Vermont v. UVA basketball game and sat in the student seats, while Kevin, Brady, Cory, and Chow went to the game but had to sit in the public seats. Going to games "together" like this was a regular occurrence.

Before my 3L Public Interest Law Association (PILA) auction and semiformal dance, we had people to our place beforehand. After two full months, we finally "officially knew" Donald and Sarah were dating and they went to the dance together. I got jealous when Kevin talked to Roger's date for too long (she was from Cape Cod).  Little did I know that Kevin had already bought me an engagement ring. Ha!

PILA Semiformal 2007
Before the semi-formal, 2007

Kevin planned a trip to New York, and took me to go see my mother at work first. She was in cahoots with him, and had picked up the ring delivery for him, and slipped him the ring while I was in the bathroom. Then he took me to the New York Public Library, where he proposed on the steps on November 21.

Our Engagement 2007
Proposal, November 21, 2007

December 2007
More finals. We were old pros at exams, so we didn't make a fuss anymore. Some of us celebrated the end of semester with wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. Yum.

Post Fall Finals Drinks
Me and Roger

Post Fall Finals Drinks
Jackie and Brandon

January 2008
We came back from winter break mid-month. Kevin and I had gone to the Caribbean to celebrate our engagement. Unlike some Januaries where I'd wear tank tops and marvel at the crazy weather, we had some pretty snow this year. Brian finished up his term as Student Bar Association President.

Snow at UVA Law 2008
Snow at UVA Law

SBA President 2007-08
Brian working hard in the SBA Office

February 2008
Kevin bought Chris Long a beer at Mellow Mushroom. The chatted about his draft prospects.

A group of us went to our 3L Barristers Ball which is like law school prom. My parents co-hosted a little engagement party for me and Kevin in Charlottesville.  Sarah B., Sarah W., and I watched the lunar eclipse. A group of us had brunch at Professor Kitch's house, and that evening Sarah and I joined Audra on her bachelorette party.

Barristers Ball 2008
UVA Law's Barristers Ball 2008

March 2008
My law school friends and I went to  Edisto Beach, South Carolina for Spring Break. We stayed at my friend Katy's beach house, and went into Charleston one night for dinner and walking around. From there we went to Audra and Rob's wedding.

Edisto 2008
Edisto Beach, Spring Break 2008

Audra and Rob get married!

Padget Wedding 2008 
At Audra and Rob's wedding

My 29th birthday came and went without a party, as I was busy playing an elaborate game of "Assassin" at law school. We threw a big party for the Latin American Law Organization. I finally won the  fundraising game of Assassin! My law school friends and I went to our last Libel Show together.

Libel Show 2008
At the Libel Show in 2008

April 2008
My law school friends and I went out to celebrate Katy's acceptance into NYU's LLM progam. We went to a service at Roger's temple to hear him read. The 3Ls finished their year-long Seminars in Ethical Values. Some of us were lucky enough to have the 3L toast with Professor Leslie. Brian and I went on a 3L Vineyard Trip, and a UVA lacrosse match the next day with Kevin and Katy.

Seminar in Ethical Values 2008
My Seminar in Ethical Values class

Professor Leslie's 3L Martinis 2008
We love Professor Leslie!

3L Vineyard Trip- does it get any better than this?

My law school friends and I went to dinner at Maya Restaurant to celebrate our last day of law school classes. Brooke, Brady, and Cory came to visit and we went to my first Spring Foxfield.

Brooke, Brady, Cory, me, and Kevin at Spring Foxfield in Charlottesville

Spring Foxfield 2008
With newlyweds Rob and Audra (it looks like we all coordinated our outfits)

May 2008
I finished taking my last finals ever. My law school friends, Kevin, and I spent the week before graduation at Sarah's beach house in North Carolina. We even raced go karts!

Emerald Isle, NC 2008 
Sarah and Donald at the beach house- I love this picture of them

We graduated law school!

UVA Law Graduation 2008 
We're law school graduates! Woo!

UVA Law Graduation 2008
Ceremony on the lawn

UVA Law Graduation 2008
After my graduation

Then we immediately started bar review classes to study for the state bar exams, in my case, New York.

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