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A Look Back: UVA Law 2L Year 2006-2007

To celebrate the five-year anniversary of my law school graduation on Sunday, I've been reviewing  my three years there. I already did my 1L year, and this post is my second year.

August 2006
The summer before my 2L year, I lived in Charlottesville and worked for Legal Aid Justice Center.  I started applying for jobs at the end of the summer through our on grounds interview process. I applied to jobs in New York, DC, Boston, and even Miami. Shortly after I met Kevin, I had 27 interviews that would determine where I would live in two years. Our seventh date was quintessentially Virginian: we had a double date with Brandon and Becky to Ash Lawn-Highland and Jefferson Vineyard.

Jefferson Vineyard, Virginia 2006
First picture with Kevin at Jefferson Vineyard 2006 

Sarah W., Alissa, and I went to the Rockingham County Fair, where I finally made peace with goats. I had hosted Sarah W. the previous year when she was looking at law schools and I'd put on the hard sell. I was thrilled to see her come back. I had tons of law firm interviews on campus before the semester started.

Rockingham County Fair 2006
Sarah W. at the Rockingham County Fair

September in 2006
Brian, Katy, Sarah, and I went to the opening of the JPJ arena to watch the UVA v. Pittsburgh away game on the big screen. Kevin went with Cory and Brady but they weren't students then so they were in a different section. Afterwards, I met Cory and he tried to scare me away by telling me Kevin's more scandalous undergrad stories. (Not cool, Cory, not cool.) Cory also gave Brian a fun little nickname that has stuck all these years.

UVA v. Pittsburgh Football 2006
Katy, Sarah, Brian, I mean CavMan, and me at the UVA v. Pittsburgh game 2006

I had law firm interview callbacks in New York City, so I was able to spend a little time with my parents. 

Ramsey 2006
My gorgeous parents, Ramsey 2006

Kevin and I went to a Jose Gonzalez concert, and Jose slipped on an ice cube I dropped. The Latin American Law Organization threw its first party, Fiesta de Otono, and Kevin and I attempted to salsa. My law school friends and I went to our second Fall Foxfield, with our church hats and all. Brian threw a coffee party-- fun! Kevin and I went on new hikes.

Fall Foxfield 2006
Rob, Jane, Audra, Sarah, me, Katy, and Brian at Fall Foxfield 2006

October 2006
This was a great month.  Kevin and I had only been dating for a short while. Cathy came to visit us, and we went out on an accidental and rainy Charlottesville crawl to South Street Pub, X-Lounge, Millers, C&O, and back to X-Lounge. It was a lot of people too: Becky, Brandon, Sarah, Donald, Josh, Jon, and later Roger. Though I think only Cathy, Jon, Kevin, and I made it to all the locations. For a Thursday night in Charlottesville, it was epic.

Charlottesville, VA 2006
Cathy, Kevin, me, Sarah at X-Lounge

I went to DC for a call-back interview. Jon and I went to an Eric Clapton concert. Kevin and I went hiking at Ivy Creek. Kevin, Brady, Nick and Emily, and James W. and I went to an Islands concert. A bunch of us went to a UNC v. UVA football game.

UNC v. UVA Football 2006
Kevin, me, Audra, Jon, and Roger at the UVA football game

We went out for Brian's 23rd birthday at Flaming Wok, and after-partied at Jane's while she reveled in the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series (her great-grandfather is Branch Rickey).  Finally, we closed out the month with a two crazy Halloween parties in one night.

Brian's 23rd Birthday 2006
Brian's 23rd birthday: Audra, Donald, Sarah, me, Katy, Brian, Jane

Halloween 2006
Halloween 2006!

November 2006
We had our 2L PILA semi-formal dance.  We went to many UVA football and basketball games.

PILA Semiformal 2006
PILA Semiformal Dance 2006 

UVA v. Miami Football 2006
Katy, Brian, Ericka, and Audra at the UVA v.Miami Football Game

For Thanksgiving, Kevin's mom Kathy, her roommate Dayami, and Kevin's brother Andrew came up from Florida. Kevin's cousin Katie came down from Maryland. It was the first time I met his mom, and the first words out of her mouth were, "So do you want kids?"  Haha. True story.  She made all the food because she's awesome and the next day we all went hiking in the George Washington National Forest.  After they headed back home, Kevin and I went to UVA's Lighting of the Lawn ceremony.  It was a really pretty ceremony that for some reason involved hundreds of al capella bands. It was nice to experience part of the UVA undergrad experience.

UVA Lighting of the Lawn 2006
Lighting of the Lawn 2006

December 2006
Kevin and I threw a big Christmas party for our friends at the end of the semester. We celebrated our first Christmas together a little early in Charlottesville, then separated to go to our respective families for Christmas. It was the only holiday we ever spent apart after we met.

Christmas Party 2006 
Kevin and Ericka under the mistletoe

Holiday Party 2006
Jane, Roger, and Audra at our Christmas party

Holiday Party 2006
Jackie, Jinsoo, and Brian

Holiday Party 2006
Donald, Sarah, me, and Josh

January 2007
Kevin and I celebrated New Years with our college friends at Ireland's Four Courts Restaurant in Arlington, Virginia.  It was warm enough to go hiking in Shenandoah so we did at least twice that month. My friend Katy and I went to a resort in Costa Rica for winter break, and Kevin went with his friends to Ireland.  When we got back, Kevin and I took daytrips to Scottsville and Richmond.  We went to a Camera Obscura concert.  It was before the market crash and recession, and things were crazy back then, so my law firm raised all our starting salaries a full year and half before we started work. (Yeah....)  Brian, Jackie, and I went to a Feb Club's Eve party.

Jabberwocky 2007
Me and Kevin at Jabberwocky in Charlottesville after the Camera Obscura concert

February 2007
I encouraged Brian to run for president of the law school (he wanted to anyway) and became his campaign manager. He was victorious!

UVA Law SBA Election Debate
Student Bar Association Presidential Debate 2007

UVA Law SBA Election 2007 
Katy and I working on Brian's campaign

UVA beat Duke at basketball and stormed the court.  I was there, dyed-orange hair and all, but failed to storm the court.  That same night I went to a prehistorically-themed Feb Club party dressed as one of two Betty Rubles.  I lost my camera on some random lawn, and the lawn's owner reviewed my photos and decided some drunk law student had lost their camera-- luckily the lawn owner knew a law professor and I got my camera back. Only in Charlottesville!

Two Betty Rubbles
Two Betty Rubles, Feb Club 2007

The following night, I went to another Feb Club Party that had a "Welcome to the Jungle" theme.  I made myself a "jungle" costume.  I went as the actual foliage, though there were many people dressed as Guns N' Roses band members.  It worked both ways.  There were more Feb Club parties: "Snow Pants or No Pants," Kegs and Eggs on Sunday morning, "Old School" on Katy's 29th birthday, "The Breakfast Club," begrudgingly hosted by Jane, and the "Fiesta Muy Grande" hosted by me and the rest of the Latin American Law Organization, and "Sports Stars" to close out the month.

Welcome to the Jungle: Brian, Josh, me, Roger

Feb Club 2007: Old School
Feb Club- Old School!

We had our 2L Barristers Ball at the Omni Hotel. We celebrated Donald's 24th birthday at Thai 99 with his siblings and friends, and Roger's 27th birthday at Basil Restaurant with a different group. Kevin and I went to a Deerhoof concert with Nick, Emily, and Brady.

Barristers Formal 2007
Barristers Ball 2007

Fiesta Muy Grande

March 2007
Some friends from law school and I went on an amazing Caribbean cruise for Spring Break.  As a result, I celebrated my 28th birthday in Cozumel. We also went to Guatemala and Belize.

Lamanai, Belize 2007
High Temple at Lamanai, Belize 2007

In our 2L year of law school, a bunch of us went to the libel show.  My pre-party included shooters because that's how I rolled back then. I helped with the multi-law-school Softball Tournament.

Libel Show 2007
Libel Show 2007

April 2007
My friends and I did Relay for Life and fund-raised money to fight cancer in honor of my dad and Kevin's mom and grandmother who were all cancer survivors.  As far as I knew, my dad had been cancer-free for 8 years at this point.

Relay for Life 2007
Jenny, Sarah M, Ramona, Roger, Brian, me and Audra before walking all night

May 2007
After my spring finals, Kevin and I moved to Brooklyn together for my summer associate job at a law firm in Manhattan. In the pre-crash days they wined and dined us. We had to go back to Charlottesville a few days later for Brady's graduation.

Brady's Graduation 2007
Kevin, me, Brady, Dan, and Kelly at Brady's graduation

Back in New York, Kevin and I had an apartment-warming party, went to see Moon for the Misbegotten at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.

Times Square 2007 
I take over NYC, May 2007

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