Monday, March 4, 2013

Ben- March 2013

I visited Jon and Becky's little nugget Ben again this weekend. They grow so quickly at the beginning! He doesn't look at all like how he looked on my last visit. Instead of looking like Jon's family, he looks more like Becky's family to me now.

Visiting Ben- March 2013
Walking around the living room with Ben, while he enjoys the sights.

Becky was on her first trip away for the weekend. I think James was the same age or a little younger when I took my first mom-only trip away for the weekend. I babysat for a short little while so that Jon could get some fresh air with Kevin and James.  Ben was even more charming than on my last babysitting trip. He let me know that he preferred to spend his time eating, and if not eating, then going for a tour of the living room. He does not care for sitting. I was happy to oblige.

Visiting Ben- March 2013
Chilling in his bouncy seat for a few photos.

Visiting Ben- March 2013
Following me with his gaze like a professional baby model.

He gave me a few smiles when I sang to him, but sadly I wasn't fast enough to catch them with the camera. Maybe next time.

Cobble Hill Park 2013
Kevin and James playing at Cobble Hill Park while we wait for Ben to finish napping

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