Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Shout-out 2013

Happy Mother's Day to our two wonderful mothers, Ana and Kathy! And to our grandmothers, Ruth, Daisy, and Catherine! We love you so much! And so does James! For me, this Mother's Day is special because it's the first where James can say "Happy Mama Day!"

James's 2nd Birthday Party 2013
Me and Mom, April 2013

Kathy's 60th Surprise Party 2013
Kathy and her boys, Kevin and Andrew, February 2013

Happy first Mother's Day to my friends Aubree, Teresa, Becky S., and Inga! I hope you're being spoiled rotten today.

Phillips Family- December 2012
Avery, Aubree, and Patrick enjoying some Vermont snow

Meeting JJ 2013
Teresa, JJ, and John

Visiting Ben 2012
Jon and Becky at home with Ben

2013 03 Michalowski
Inga, Silas, and Jeff

And more happy Mother's Days to our friends who are veteran moms, Meghan C (2 boys), Anna S (3 girls), Cate L (2 girls), Victoria (1 girl, 1 boy), Rachel D (1 boy, 1 girl), Chrissy V (1 boy, and 1 girl), Cathy S (2 girls), Adrienne C (1 girl), Audra P (1 boy), Sunny G (1 boy), Christina M (1 boy), Sarah B (1 boy), and Megan T (1 boy). Happy first Mother's Day as moms of two children to Cathy and Chrissy.

Steffans at Disney 2013 
Cathy and Mike with their kids at Disney World

2012 12 Vondy IMG_3120
Chrissy, Jason, Owen, and Hailey

My heart is especially with Chrissy today. Ever since she became a mom she's really impressed me with her patience, gentleness, and commitment to do the best thing for her kids. I've turned to her countless times for advice on how to take care of James because I respect her opinion and she's doing a great job with her kids. Sadly, her little guy Owen has been sick for three weeks, and he's been in the hospital for the last two. She's gone from being a really great mom to being the super hero of moms. Owen is in the best possible hands. This is what Mother's Day is really about, moms who would do anything for their children and who inspire us all. Love you guys! 

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