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Janice and Darren's Wedding 2008

My best friend Janice married Darren, who therefore became my best-friend-in-law. That's how it works right? Janice first met Darren at her first job after we graduated college back in 2001. They were friends for almost 5 years before they started dating-- 5 long years where I had to listen to how cute and funny her friend Darren was. No one was surprised when they got engaged a year after they started dating.

Buck Wedding 2008
Janice and Darren dancing at their wedding May 3, 2008

The wedding was one of my favorites ever. It took place in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the pilgrims once also started a pretty great adventure. The bridesmaids had different dresses in different coordinating pastel colors that matched the pastel-colored candy bar (more on that later).

Buck Wedding 2008
Janice's sister Laurie, Janice, Ash, and me (I am the blue fairy Merryweather)

Janice and Darren saw each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony and they got a pretty great photos of the moment.

Buck Wedding 2008
Janice is radiant!

Buck Wedding 2008
Darren sees Janice for the first time on their wedding day; 
his groomsman Paul looks pretty impressed too

Their wedding ceremony was supposed to take place outside, but the weather didn't cooperate. There is no better setting though than surrounded by the family and friends that love and adore you. It was lovely that Janice's godmother Joyce officiated the wedding. 

Buck Wedding 2008

The bride and groom went straight from the ceremony to the cocktail hour, where Janice was the first person to get to the bar. That's how it should always be done! Our little group of friends took a picture at cocktail hour, unfortunately Darren and Janice were busy greeting guests and receiving congratulations so we didn't get them with us. They also had a great Irish traditional music band at their cocktail hour. This transitioned us nicely to our Irish-locations-themed tables at the reception.

Buck Wedding 2008
Jamie, Emily, Laurie, Ash, Dan, Christina, me, Kevin, Megan, Ed, and Stephanie

Buck Wedding 2008
The lucky couple has three beautiful sets of parents!

Inside, we were treated to Janice and Darren's first dance. Below is one of my favorite pictures of Janice and Darren ever. It shows what's great about them individually and in their marriage. They have laughter, and they are cute as hell.

Buck Wedding 2008
Janice and Darren's first dance!

Those of you who know them personally, know that Darren is a bike fanatic. Like a radical bike fanatic. Seriously. And Janice is as passionate, or possibly more passionate, about marshmallow desserts. Her key focus is on consumption of Fluff and Peeps, though she has been known to dabble in Mallomars. Their cake topper was the perfect marriage of their interests: two Peeps riding a tandem bike.

Buck Wedding 2008
Wedding cake with biking Peep bride and groom

Buck Wedding 2008
After they cut the cake, but she doesn't look like she's going to share

Besides having three flavors of cake, they had a super awesome candy bar as the wedding favor. Guests could fill up containers with self-serve candy combinations. My favorite part was that Janice and Darren kept all the leftovers at home until they and all their visitors finished eating all of it. Yum!

Buck Wedding 2008
"Life is sure sweet, Great Family, friends, and kisses,
Please enjoy these treats, From the new Mr. and Mrs."

Finally, the party itself was crazy and fun. Janice's family can really throw down. Darren's family might have been a bit scared. Especially when some aunt-type person from Janice's side started break dancing. I am not making that up.

Buck Wedding 2008
Me and Christina rocking out

Buck Wedding 2008
Janice's grandmother stealing the show

 Darren, if you wanted sister wives, you should have put more rings on it

The two of you being together make everyone who loves you happy. If you only even knew how happy it makes us. Obviously, you like it too.

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