Sunday, January 3, 2016

Review of 2015- Part 1

Last January, Daisy, David, and Melanie came out to Floral Park to visit us. Rachel and I went out for delicious Korean food. We took the kids to the New York Transit Museum, and somewhat ironically got a parking ticket. Sarah and Lukas came over for the Patriots Playoff game. Miranda turned 9 months old. James was delighted by Snow Storm Juno, Miranda less so.

Snow Storm Juno 2015
James eating snow in an intense way

Around then, our neighbor's pipes burst. Kevin wasn't home when it happened. I was home but I had no idea what had happened. I couldn't see any water anywhere. When Kevin got home he called the neighbor to tell him he could hear something strange. The neighbor was at work just 2 minutes away but he didn't return for another hour. When he came back at 3 am, he freaked out and banged on our door. We weren't friends with him-- for lots of reasons accumulated over 5 years-- and we have kids that wake up at 6 am -- so we didn't offer to help him bail out his apartment with buckets or whatever. So he started writing us angry notes. Terrifying to live with someone like that. We started discussing moving options.

Kevin, the kids, and I watched the Patriots in Super Bowl. Grandma came to visit. Kevin and I made up for phoning in our 5th anniversary by celebrating our 5.5 wedding anniversary in Manhattan. About a week later, we tricked Sarah and Lukas into going out for a double-date on Valentine's Day. We celebrated Kevin's 35th birthday at home with the kids. Miranda turned 10 months old. I visited Ash and we watched the entire first season of The Affair. Ha! Baby Robert was born! Nana and Bob visited and we celebrated Bob's birthday.

February 2015
Surprise snuggles

My mom's January scan came back and they told her her cancer had returned.

Ash and I visited Hudson and Aria and then went out with Christina, Megan, Laurie, and Janice for Girls' Weekend in NYC! I did 36 fun things for my 36th birthday... mostly at home but also in NJ with my mom. I also went to the doctor with my mom to discuss her treatment options. She started on her first drug trial.

My 36th Birthday 2015
Me and Mom in Jersey

Grandma Kathy came to visit and we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with her. We went to Washington, DC and visited with Cory and Robin, Sarah's whole family including new baby Robert. We held the first ever CLOU-A-RAMA in  Charlottesville, VA 2015, and Kevin did a WWFTC Reading at VA Festival of the Book. Miranda turned 11 months old and started walking.

Kevin wrote Diary of an Angry Pink Baby #10: Driving about our roadtrip.

Charlottesville, VA 2015
At Mas in Charlottesville

Lukas and Sarah visited over Easter Weekend. We started looking at houses seriously. Things remained bad with the neighbor and we started looking at houses closer to Kevin's work. We took some photos at the beach near the houses we were checking out at Cedar Beach.

Michele came to town to attend a friends bachelorette and I got to see her again! Kevin read at James nursery school in March and I read in AprilJames let me interview him for his 4th birthdayMiranda turned 1 year old! Here's her month-by-month photos. We threw a joint birthday party for James and Miranda. A secret speakeasy opened on our block and we went with Nick and Emily. We took James and Miranda to Queens County Farm.

1st and 4th Birthday Party 2015
Miranda's cake. James had his own Curious George cake.

Lukas and Sarah had baby Lionor! We had a Cape Cod going away party for Andrew moving to Japan! David and I went out in Brooklyn and he tried to give me a hint that he was going to propose to Melanie (or maybe he tried to throw me off the scent?) but I totally missed it. I got my little greedy hand on baby Lio as fast as I could. I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom at Swing the Teapot. David proposed to Melanie! Kevin, Casey, and Jon celebrated Jon's 35th Birthday in Boston.

Miranda turned 13 months old. Megan and Ed had their second baby Maxwell! We celebrated Memorial Day an outdoor concert at Planting Fields Park. We took the kids to the Bronx Zoo and their favorite animal were the ducks.

Jon's 35th in Boston 2015
Jon's 35th birthday at Fenway

I went to visit Sarah and Lio in Queens. Kevin and celebrated our our 6th Wedding Anniversary at the Belmont Stakes and American Pharoah won the Triple Crown! Casey visited and the guys went out to Hoboken to visit Jon. I went to Cape Cod for my grandmother's very delayed funeral. We also celebrated my mom's 58th birthday on the Cape. James had his moving up ceremony at  moving up ceremony at nursery school. We celebrated Father's Day at Cold Spring Harbor. Michele visited again which made me so happy! Mike and Havi came to visit us and the kids. Miranda turned 14 months old.

James's Nursery School Graduation 2015
James graduates nursery school. Class clown?

Second part of the year in the next post.

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