Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bowling Date Night 2016

Date nights are awesome. We definitely didn't have enough in 2015. Though I think I creatively labeled some of our outings "date night" on the blog, we only had 7 solo dates in 2015. And only 1 in 2014 because we had a baby and Kevin had a book which is as bad as a baby. So we're trying to at least have 12 date nights this year. Sort of like a marriage New Year's resolution.

When Kevin suggested bowling I was super excited because I've never been bowling before (maybe once? I have a memory from a bowling alley but I don't know if I bowled?) and it's the perfect winter date night because it is always indoors.

PJ Bowl 2016

Oh my gosh, it was so fun! I felt so awkward at first because I am so bad. But that was part of the magic of it. Remember how awkward everything used to feel when we were younger? Or how bashful you felt when you started dating. Well that's actually kind of novel and fun now.

PJ Bowl 2016
My amazing technique

We were both awful at first, which was great because I was able to win the first game. Yay! Then I stayed awful and Kevin remembered how to bowl and won the next four games. Meanwhile we were drinking beer, I was loosening up, enjoying my "violence against the bowling lane." And then, at 9 PM, the lights went off and the teen music came on. It was amazeballs.

PJ Bowl 2016
Rock and Bowl!

I started dancing in the bowling alley. No joke. I got a bunch of spares, and Kevin got an assortment of strikes and spares. When he got three strikes in a row the scoreboard announced TURKEY! We'd never heard the bowling term before and it made us laugh because we have an ongoing joke with James about how he's a turkey or Miranda's a turkey. 

PJ Bowl 2016
This is what winning looks like

So yeah, best date night in 2016 so far. Hugely fun!

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