Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review of 2015- Part 2

We celebrated the Fourth of July at home and at the playground in Floral Park. James and I went on a movie date to see "Inside Out"Owen was declared cancer-free for 1 year! James and I took the train to NYC for Aria's 1st birthday partyMiranda turned 15 months old.

Fourth of July 2015
Goodbye Tiny Town! We love you.

We moved into our new house. We started exploring our new town's ice cream and beerJon, Becky, & Ben visited on the way back from North Fork.  Nana and Bob visited the new house for the first time. Grandma visited the new house for the first time, and we took the kids to Cedar Beach. We went out for our first date night in new town at Benten. Miranda turned16 months old.
We went to the Port Jefferson Greek Festival and rode the rides. Jaime visited and we went to the beach 3 times. James went to summer camp at his new school and had an end of summer Luau Party.

Greek Festival 2015
Greek Festival

We enjoyed Labor Day Weekend in our new town going to the playground, beach, and ice cream place. So fun. James's started Pre-K! We had both Grandma Kathy and Nana Ana here on Grandparents' Day.  James joined co-ed soccer for little kids just learning to dribble.

James's Pre-K First Day 2015
James's first day of school

Ash visited! Miranda turned 17 months old, and we started a Mommy N' Me class together. James got very sick for over two weeks. When he was better, we went apple picking, and Kevin wrote "Things My Wife Complains About #29 Apple Picking." Kevin and I watched the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse from the front yard. We went out on a date night for Spanish Tapas. James and Miranda made lots of fun artwork at school and Mommy n' Me.

Grandma Kathy came to visit at the end of the month, just around the time Miranda and I were coming down with James terrible illness.

I spent the first two weeks of October trying to get over bronchitis. I had daily fevers for the first week or so, it was rough!

In the meantime, Roger and Lina had baby EzraMiranda turned 1.5 years old. James and Miranda got along as siblings do. When I started recovering, Nana visited. Miranda had a Mommy N' Me Halloween Party and James also had a Pre-K Halloween Party. The kids also made a lot of art work in school. James had his last Fall soccer practice. We had a lot of fun trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Halloween 2015
Pacman and Bee

Kevin hosted Catherine Lacey's week-long residency at SBU. We took the kids to the Duck Pond which they loved. We visited Sarah, Lukas, and Lio in Queens and had a wonderful time! James had a fun Pre-K Thanksgiving Party. The kids made lots of fun art at school, and James took his first school picture!

Rob and Jane had their second baby Wesley! Kevin and Pete went off on a Writers' Retreat 2015
We celebrated Thanksgiving with Nana and Bob.

Thanksgiving 2015
Thanksgiving Dinner

We had a very long dentist visit (with funny pictures). James had the fire safety talk at his school with the truck and the hats. Miranda's vocabulary exploded at 19 months. Kevin and I had a little bar-hopping date. We took the kids to the Suffolk County Farm to make a wreath... yeah.

James's went on his first school field trip to the theaterMike and Havi got engaged and had a party!

Mike and Havi Engagement 2015
Mike and Havi's day-of-engagement party!

Kevin and I went to see a local concert trio for date night. Miranda went for her first dentist visit.
The kids made lots of art in December. James's had his Pre-K Christmas Party and then got sick again. But we had a ton of Christmas-related fun this year.

Nana, Bob, and Bob's daughter Jen came over for Noche Buena, and the kids opened their presents from Santa on Christmas morning! We took the Port Jeff Ferry to shorten our trip to Cape Cod to see family at Christmastime.

Christmas 2015
Christmas Morning!

Jaime came to visit and we all celebrated New Year's Eve together. I rehashed my 2015 resolutions.

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