Monday, October 26, 2015

Miranda is 1.5 Years Old 2015

I can't believe Miranda is a year-and-half old! She's such a big bossy girl! This is not sexist. I call James bossy when he's bossy. But Miranda seriously directs the traffic here and James follows her instruction instead of the other way around.

She's 31.75 inches tall, and 25.5 pounds. She's says the following words with some regularity: Dada, James, milk, no, yes, stuck, up (to be picked up), go!, book, ball.... Mama (infrequently).  She will repeat a lot more words than that. (I've heard her repeat the words shoes, jump, and many others.)

September 2015
Miranda and James at the Drive-In

She doesn't like being left out of anything no matter what. For example, she really wants to play soccer. She thinks it's a bunch of bs that she goes every Saturday to see James play with a bunch of other kids and she can't join in.

September 2015
She loves coloring but she eats the markers. I found that the crayons are safer.

September 2015
We gave her corn but she said, NO she needed the whole cob.

She spends a large chunk of everyday pretending to read books. Usually children's book, but she has been known to flip through books stolen from our bookshelves. Or just pull off a bunch of them and put them on the floor.

She puts a blanket on her head and pretends to be a ghost. I watch while trying to prevent her from crashing into the fireplace.

She's trying to jump, or possibly just give me a heart attack. Because she can't get into the air from the floor, she has resorted to jumping off furniture.

September 2015
She can stack blocks! (Not sure when this skill developed, since I only gave her blocks recently.)

September 2015
Wearing my shoes well.

Windy Acres 2015
I'm gonna drive my car yeah... and the wheel turns fast, and the lights go flash.

She still wants to be held almost constantly. She will snuggle me, kiss me, then suddenly bite my face. When she sees that it hurt me she laughs.

October 2015
Snuggle bunny.

October 2015
Enjoying the music the elephant plays.

October 2015
Brother-sister fun.

October 2015
She makes this face ALL THE TIME.

Miranda has also been in Mommy n' Me Classes since September! Post on that soon.

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