Monday, October 19, 2015

Bronchitis- October 2015

James was sick for the last two weeks of September and all the rest of us thought we were safe, but then October 1, I started getting fevers. October 2, Miranda got a scary rash and fevers. While Miranda was only sick for about 5 days, and pretty much only needed a little Benedryl for the rash, I was slammed hard. I had fevers for over a week, the doctor put me on antibiotics, and I took so many other cold drugs that we have a small pharmacy here now. And this right after having cleaned out our expired medicines in the move. Coughing, coughing, so much coughing. I'm functional as of the last few days but I'm still not totally better.

October 2015
One day supply of virus stuff.

Sadly, our friends Cory, Robin, Lukas, Sarah. and Lio were going to visit last weekend and we had to cancel so that we wouldn't ruin their lives. Seriously, we've been dealing with this virus for over a month! Even Grandma got sick. Go away virus! 

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