Thursday, October 15, 2015

Spanish Tapas- September 2015

This is our 1000th post!

Back in September, Grandma Kathy came to visit during the week, and Kevin and I went on a date night, our second one since we moved here. This time we tried a Spanish tapas place, La Parrilla Spanish Bistro. The "tapas" were actual entree size so we accidentally ordered a lot of food.

We had a lot of serious conversation... about how many kids to have. The final decision appears to be that we are two and through. Which means I need to come over and borrow your babies for snuggling. Let me know when.

September 2015
Toasting with our sangrias (mine is a mango sangria!)

After dinner, we walked around Port Jefferson which was mostly empty because it was a rainy Tuesday night. Kevin had been wanting to try Brewology because they have a lot of good beer on tap. Kevin got a Blind Bat Hell Gate and I got a Goose Island Sofie. The bar was also playing the Red Sox, though he politely feigned some disinterest, I told him to go ahead and watch. We tried to stay out as late as possible... we made it to about 9 pm. As James would say, "It was a good try."

September 2015
Blind Bat Hell Gate and Goose Island Sofie

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