Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jaime Visits- August 2015

Jaime visited from Friday to Sunday and we had so much fun! On Friday she got in late in the evening so we had ice cream at a place I hadn't tried before, but kind of near our house, McNulty Ice Cream Parlor. They were cute, and Jaime loved her flavors but they were out of a lot of things we asked for. I will probably still go back because they had a rainbow of adirondack chairs that will make for some great pictures. We took our ice cream to go and ate it at the nearby beach. There were a lot of people just hanging out there with friends. I'm hoping that I'll become part of that community of evening beach bums. It seems like an awesome way to be.

Jaime Visits- Aug 2015
Jaime gets in and says hi to Miranda. (James was already in bed.)

Jaime Visits- Aug 2015
Beach at night

Saturday we had big plans to drive farther out to an ocean beach for nicer sand and more waves. Corey Beach was really nice. It was really small but large enough for the number of people there, and the ocean was roped off so it will be a great place to go back to with the kids as they get older. There's also a nice playground there. But it was girls' beach day so no kids this time.

Jaime Visits- Aug 2015
Playing an early morning game of Candyland with James

Jaime Visits- Aug 2015
Chilling at Corey Beach

Jaime Visits- Aug 2015
Corey Beach Selfie

After the beach we were so hungry we went straight to dinner at Benten again. I was hardcore craving sushi and it was even better this time than last time. We got the "sushi & sashimi combo for two" and it was awesome (except for that one mystery chewy white thing- gross). We went home on a sushi high and got ready to go out in Port Jeff. Jaime is a big advocate of me learning to drive for real. (Insert blog post here about my lack of driving skills.) So she bravely got in the passenger seat so I could drive to Port Jeff. While the drive there was basically fine, once we got there locating a parking space was challenging for me-- I felt like I was playing Frogger while trying to get into lots. Might not repeat that drive for a little.

Once we got there we went to try the rice pudding place. We were really excited to try it but it's no NYC Rice to Riches. Rice pudding should be made of rice. This was more like gelatin pudding with a few pieces of rice thrown in. Very sad. After that we went to Wave for drinks on the waterfront. People were really friendly.

Jaime Visits- Aug 2015
Sweet 'n' Savory of Port Jeff

We were a little wiped out already because of our beach day so we went home and finally opened the champagne our real estate agent gave us. Jaime also just bought a place last month so we celebrated all together.

Jamie Visits- Aug 2015
Cheers to home ownership! (They are bemoaning my camera timer and silliness.)

Jaime really loves the beach. So we went to the beach again, this time the one closest to our home. We brought James with us. I drove to the beach and oh boy- it's terrifying to drive and make mistakes with my child in the car. I will likely try that drive again soon because there's nothing actually hard about it, but hopefully I can get comfortable with it before the kids come with me again.

Jaime Visits- Aug 2015
Jaime and James playing in the Sound together

Jaime Visits- Aug 2015
Fizzling out at the end of the beach visit. Delicious snuggles.

Come back before beach season is over Jaime!

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