Saturday, September 5, 2015

James's Summer Camp Luau 2015

When we moved we went shopping for a Pre-K for James. I'd done some research before we moved so we already had a good idea of what we wanted. I'd also looked at summer camp programs for him, and we decided that it would be good to enroll him in the camp program at his future Pre-K so that when the first day of school rolled around he wouldn't be the "new" kid anymore. He really has no trouble adjusting in new situations at all though, and since he went to nursery school last year he was totally into the whole school idea. He went for three weeks, and his last day of "camp" was Thursday of this week. Last week though they had this fun Luau party so I thought I'd share the pictures.

Camp Luau- Aug 2015
Making fun balloon animals

Camp Luau- Aug 2015
Ice cream pop make James so happy

Camp Luau- Aug 2015
Limbo contest!

Camp Luau- Aug 2015
Gathering the dance circle

Camp Luau- Aug 2015
Hokey Pokey! This really is what's it's all about.

Also, James had a nemesis at camp whose name was Liam. There was a thing where James got his fingers slammed in some toy refrigerator by Liam. But James wasn't completely innocent. Here are some camp quotes:

"I sprayed the teacher with water which was not good. The teacher was mad. I also sprayed Liam. I got in trouble."

"I didn't make friends with Liam, but I made friends with the other kids."

Next week is the first day of Pre-K! I remember my first day! So excited for him!

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