Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's with Jaime 2015 --> 2016

Happy New Year! Jaime has been visiting us!

Jaime arrived Wednesday evening, and we spent the last day of the year working at a coffee shop.

For New Years Eve we did a countdown with the kids at 7 PM (midnight in London because why not!) with the help of a Netflix countdown cartoon! We also ate twelve grapes at "midnight" and drank our champagne and sparkling apple cider for the kids. Wooo!

NYE 2015 --> 2016
Happy New Year! (Photo by Jaime)

NYE 2015 --> 2016
Here's to a happy, healthy, 2016!

NYE 2015 --> 2016
Hugh Hefner sipping bubbly in his jammies in front of the 70s fireplace.

Immediately after, Jaime and I went for a sushi dinner at Benten. We ordered the best rolls ever: Orange dragon, Oshizushi (favorite), Wrong Island (my second favorite), and Isami (not for everyone because it's mackerel). We also had Tobiko and a Ikura sushi with quail egg. You guys, AN IKURA WITH QUAIL EGG. Do it.

NYE 2015 --> 2016
Jaime, saki, and happiness on a plate

NYE 2015 --> 2016
Ikura with quail egg about to disappear!

We closed out the year with the Trevor Noah documentary, "You Laugh But It's True." We also began 2016 with the Trevor Noah comedy special, "African American" so we're off to a good start.

Don't feel too badly for Kevin, we brought sushi home for him and he got a nice long solo hike to start off the New Year.

January 2016
Kevin dressed as Where's Waldo to go hiking

Jaime also started the year off right by going for a run on the beach near my house. I started the year right by taking a big nap while she did so.

January 2016
Jaime enjoying the beach even in the winter

When she returned, we mostly spent the afternoon making rice pudding which we had planned and debated the previous day. We settled on this recipe and then added a bunch of cinnamon to it. Then we ate a lot of rice pudding! Thanks for visiting Jaime!

January 2016

Little tea party with kids and doll.

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