Monday, December 14, 2015

James's Field Trip to the Theater 2015

Last week, James went on his first school field trip ever! He was most excited about the bus because he's never been on a bus before, and he particularly wants to ride the school bus because he sees several go through our neighborhood on a daily basis.

Theater 3- December 2015
Joy! Because he got to ride the school bus!

James and some of the kids from his school went to go see Barnaby Saves Christmas at Theater Three in Port Jefferson. The kids from his class who went were Rebecca, Cora, Mylah, Lexi, and Emma. The rest of the kids were from the other Pre-K class and the 3-year-olds class.

    Theater 3- December 2015
James's friend Rebecca on the far left, and two kids from the other class

Theater 3- December 2015
Cora and Mylah

Theater 3- December 2015
Lexi and Emma

It wasn't his first time at the theater. Grandma Kathy took him and Nesie's granddaughter Aubrey to see Ellen perform in Dr. Dolittle at Harwich Junior Theater last summer. He was only 3 then and had a little trouble sitting still. Not sure how well he did relative to the other kids this time, but the performance was only an hour so I bet he did fine. He said he liked it and he told us about Santa appearing in the play, "But it wasn't real, he was in costume." Hm.

Barnaby Saves Christmas
The cast of Barnaby Saves Christmas

As long as we're on the topic of performing arts, these are some of our favorite three theaters:
  • The Cabot, Beverly, MA- where our friend Casey is the Executive Director
  • The Harwich Junior Theater, West Harwich, MA- where Kevin, Ellen, Caroline, and countless other friends have performed
  • The Depot Theater, Westport, NY- where I saw shows with my parents when I was itty
  • Theater Three, Port Jefferson, NY- our local theater!
What's your favorite theater? (I really miss when you guys used to comment!!)

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