Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bar-hopping December 2015

On Friday we went out on our first of hopefully more regular date nights. We went for fancy drinks at a nice restaurant/bar followed by drinks at a dive bar. We're exciting like that. Both places were great, and I was so busy relaxing I didn't take pictures.

Actually, that's not true. I tried to get a picture at the nice place of the bartender lighting my drink on fire but I wasn't fast enough. Also, we talked about the kids a lot. Whatever, we love them like crazy.

The Fifth Season
The nice place.

One kind of fun thing about the dive bar was that we had to go in the back door because the front door was locked. Tricky. It was also a much younger cooler place than we anticipated based on its exterior. It's likely to become a semi-regular hangout for us because we ♥ dive bars. Already scheduling the next date night! Woo!

Darin's 2015
The back door.

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