Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Miranda's Vocabulary at 19 Months 2015

Miranda had a big vocabulary explosion in the last two months, and we are now having what I like to call "one word conversations." The concept is a lot like the sound of one hand clapping, but it's happening. She appears to understand basically everything I say to her. She also pretends to talk on pretend phones speaking in mostly gibberish even though Kevin and I don't talk on the phone much. (Nana's genes I guess.)

December 2015
Wearing Dada's shoes.

Miranda's speaking vocabulary~~

  • Dada
  • Mama (sometimes Mamama)
  • James
  • baby
  • poop/caca (bilingual on this one issue only)
  • ball
  • book
  • shoes
  • duck
  • block
  • M&Ms (pronounced "eminem-inem")
  • apple (but for some reason can't or won't say banana)
  • "ish" (Goldfish snacks)
  • "cook" (cookie)
  • tickle
  • go
  • jump
  • walk
  • kick
  • think (I don't think she knows what this mean but she sings it with Blues Clues)

Other concepts/ commands:
  • Yes
  • No, no, nope!
  • Up!
  • hi!
  • bye!
  • ow!
  • Roar!
PS. James still says "pascetti" instead of spaghetti and I hope he always does.

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