Monday, July 27, 2015

Michele and Brandon Are Engaged! 2015

Michele and Brandon have a love on another level. It's the romantic lovey-dovey hot sauce kind of love only seen in the occasional really good Indie movie. And the foodiness. It's fantastic. And now they're going to get married!

Charlottesville, VA 2015
Brandon and Michele at dinner at Mas in Cville in March

But more than that, Michele is already family to his two boys, Miles and Izaac. Michele is gifted with kids. I've never been comfortable around kids that are older than mine because I don't totally know how to relate to them yet. Michele isn't like that at all. She loves kids, and they love her. It's pure and complete. But from the beginning her relationship to Miles and Izaac has been different, because she will be and is their other mom. The best evidence of this is the awesome relationship and communication she's had with their first mom. The boys are lucky to have her for family and she's lucky too.

Brandon + Michele
Brandon, Michele, Miles, and Izaac in 2014

So congratulations to Brandon, Michele, Miles, and Izaac and all their friends and family! 

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