Friday, August 7, 2015

We Bought A House! 2015

We became dissatisfied living in our place at the beginning of this year, not least of all because the kids woke each other up sharing a room. I also really wanted to own a home. I had never even lived in a home that wasn't a rental. Ever. In my whole life.

July 2015
Closing day! Got the keys and some champagne.

So we got a real estate agent and started looking in spring. The house we ended up buying was the first house the real estate agent took us to, even though we went ahead and looked at another 8 houses or so after that. There weren't that many houses in the area we wanted to live in the price range and condition we were looking for so it wasn't that hard to decide on this one. The weirdest part of buying the house was all uncertainty we felt regarding when closing would take place (or if it would take place) relative to giving notice that we would be moving out of our rental. I was definitely nervous for 2-3 weeks that we would end up homeless-ish.

All the uncertainty about dates also made it really difficult to schedule childcare so we weren't dragging the kids to everything. Grandma watched the kids when did the walk through. And Jon very kindly watched the kids while we did closing on Wednesday.

July 2015
Our hero Jon watching the kids during closing.

Thursday night we all slept at the new house with no furniture in it. I kept the kids entertained in an empty house the following day which would have seemed tough except Kevin's job was much tougher.

July 2015
Hello, little house!

1st Day New House 2015
Running around the empty house ("the beach")

1st Day New House 2015
Sitting at the "pretend" kitchen table. Good times!

1st Day New House 2015
Playing on the new deck with the main entertainment I brought.

Kevin went to the old place on Friday with a rental truck at 7 am and met up with some movers to get our stuff out of the rental. Everything went wrong, really long story, and around 8 pm in an act of desperation we called my brother for help. My brother is officially a super-hero and he went to Floral Park to help and then came to our new house (a distance away) and helped us unload the truck. Even though we tried to send him home a few times (around midnight) he wouldn't leave until the whole thing was done. He's amazing. This also made him the first guest to our new home, though we don't plan on making future guests carry heavy stuff. Probably not.

Family Visit 2015
Brother/Super hero

We were finished around 1 am. Kevin brought the truck back at 2 am... and the battery died on the way. Seriously. The universe sure likes to joke with us. He got a jump and brought the truck back.

Every inch of floor was covered with boxes and furniture Saturday morning. I unpacked like crazy and Kevin started building things with James as his assistant.

August 2015
Building the dining table together.

By Monday, we had almost all the furniture set up and most of the stuff unpacked. Though we still have four categories of things sitting around in boxes without a home:

1) Food- We need a pantry
2) Decorations- We haven't decided what to keep in the new place and what to set free.
3) My office things- I don't have an office space at home yet.
4) My dad's books- We're considering buying more bookshelves, but I'm not totally sure.

We're very happy with our little house. The kids like their rooms and the backyard, and spend the whole day running around. I love being able to sit comfortably around a dining table! Having a washer and dryer! It's the little things! I even love that our house is little- less cost and maintenance- theoretically. We've already identified a lot of minor projects to work on.

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