Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Movie Date: Inside Out 2015

I went to my first movie with James! I went to my first movie, Bambi, when I was three and apparently I started crying and screaming in horror when Bambi's mom was um, taken out of the picture. And James is already prone to nightmares and whatnot, so I've been careful about not taking him to anything that might be scary too soon. For that reason he didn't see Frozen in the theaters. He was just 2.5 and I really didn't want him having issues with the big scary snowman in the previews (the one that is not Olaf).

Also, he only likes cartoons. I tried to let him watch the nutcracker on TV and he wasn't having it because it wasn't a cartoon. Anyway, Inside Out didn't look scary and it had great reviews, so off we went!

July 2015
Outside a local movie theater

Inside Out was a lot of fun. Reminded me of the Disney ride with the kid's brain's control center or whatever. I don't remember it too clearly. He liked the movie and the popcorn and snacks, and he only asked for one bathroom break - which for him is good. 

Inside Out!

He also took a big interest in the Minions movie poster. He noted the date said July 11, and when he came home he asked a lot of questions about the calendar and carefully kept track of the date. When we got to the 11th, he claimed it was time to take him to Minions. I explained how movies are a treat, etc. The next day he expressed sadness that the movie (Minions) was over. So then I explained how movies are in the movie theater every day, several times a day for a while, and Minions was not over. He is still busy waging a campaign to see the movie by mentioning it periodically, and when he found a quarter yesterday he said he wanted to use it to buy the movie. Well played, James.

July 2015
James and huge bag of popcorn (the small)

The first movie I actually remember going to was E.T. and I was already 6 years old by then (they did a re-release in movie theaters in 1985). So I wonder if he'll even remember any of this anyway. I guess I'll remember it for us.

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